This week’s “How I got the shot” takes us to Carlsbad, California, where in an ironic twist our photographer takes to the water to get the perfect air.

Walker Ryan; Photo courtesy of Dave Chami

Walker Ryan; photo courtesy of Dave Chami

Name: Dave Chami
Age: 38
Hometown: Pukekohe, New Zealand
Bio: Dave Chami is a New Zealander and is a senior photographer for TransWorld Skateboarding magazine. When he’s not on the road and shooting in back alleys across the globe, he’s at home in Oakland, California, covering the NorCal skate scene.
Who: Walker Ryan
Where: Carlsbad, California
Why: We were trying for a cover shot of Walker Ryan. I’d always wanted to shoot a skate photo semi-submerged in a housing, and this spot worked perfectly because it was shallow enough that you could stand on the bottom. This location has been photographed a lot, but never in this way.
What the image was shot with: Nikon D3 in SPL Water Housing with Nikon 16mm Fisheye Lens. F16 1/250 sec 200 ISO
Magazine affiliation: Transworld Skateboarding magazine
Photographer’s website:
Instagram: @davechami

Transworld Skateboarding goes behind the cover with Walker Ryan:

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