For this week’s “How I Got the Shot,” geared up and weighted down, photographer Laurent Pujol takes a shot that only a pro can handle.

Justine Dupont

Justine Dupont; photo courtesy of Laurent Pujol

Name: Laurent Pujol
Age: 41
Hometown: Capbreton, France
Bio: After a 20-year career in pro surfing, Pujol jumped to the other side of the lens and now documents (mostly) his friends.
Who: Justine Dupont
Where: Hossegor, France
Why: I went to Billabong Europe with the idea to do this shot with Justine Dupont; fortunately they were all over it. I’ve been working on this particular camera angle for some time, and have been slowly perfecting it. It’s tricky because my D3 wrapped in water housing is heavy gear to manage while surfing a wave—a lot heavier than a GoPro, and the alignment has to be just right. I usually suit up in a helmet and flotation device and when things get dicey, I bail, holding on to my camera with everything I have—ducking housing has its own set of challenges. This was just up the beach during the Quiksilver Pro in Hossegor, France, this year—we shot it on the best day they got. I remember getting some good cracks in on the first few waves, and then we got two crazy lock-ins in a row. I took the shot.
What the image was shot with: Nikon D3, 16 mm fisheye lens wrapped in a CMT water housing. The lighting this day was really nice and the camera was set at F/6.3, 1/1000 @ 200 ISO.
Magazine affiliation: Freelance
Facebook: laurentpujolphoto
Instagram: @pujol_laurent_photographie

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