Here’s Why You Should Get Outdoors This Black Friday

Avoid the shopping nightmare.

While many see Black Friday as an opportunity to get that new product they've had their eye on, we see it as something different: an opportunity of a different sort.

The day after Thanksgiving is a chance to get out there - whether you’re with family or on a solo mission, it’s a chance to answer the call of the great outdoors.

Time to explore. Photo: Ben den Engelsen/Unsplash

It’s a moment where most of our culture is consumed with thoughts of material goods, and that means the wild (where our hearts lie) is there for the taking.

And there are plenty of ways to get outdoors this Friday. REI’s now-classic #OptOutside campaign continues to inspire adventurers outside, instead of in their retail locations.

United By Blue’s ‘Blue Friday’ is an annual effort to clean up the places we love, and love to recreate in. The brand organizes their own beach clean-ups, but you can always take matters into your hands and schedule your own.

Your adventure doesn’t have to be extravagant - it just needs to get you outside. Photo: Nina Lindgren/Unsplash

Besides organized efforts to get outside, there are also opportunities to get yourself out and about. It’s as simple as hiking the trail down the street, taking a bike ride, loading up the kayak - anything to get you out of the retail landscape and into the fresh air.

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