The GoPro tutorial for the stand-up paddler

Pro SUPer Kai Lenny shows you how to cover all the action with these two simple camera setups

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Pro stand-up paddler Kai Lenny reveals his preferred POV camera setup in GrindTV’s fourth installment of the GoPro tutorial series “GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks.” In this short demo, Lenny focuses on two essential SUP camera angles: the pole mount (which creates his very own follow cam) and the chest mount (which allows him to capture what he’s seeing). To ensure camera safety, the waterman suggests investing in a Floaty Backdoor and also recommends anti-fog inserts to ensure clean footage.

Bonus: GoPro recently released a firmware update that lets you access 720p240 fps and 2.7k60 video modes in the HERO4 Black, as well as time-lapse video and 30/6 burst photo modes in both the HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Use the GoPro app to automatically update your camera to the latest firmware, or update your camera manually.

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