Get out of the office and into OWL Adventure Lab

OWL Adventure Lab wants you to co-work at the best breaks and trailheads in the country.

A mock-up of the first OWL vehicle. Image: OWL

A mock-up of the first OWL vehicle. Image: Courtesy of OWL

Nice desks for rent by the month in rad offices make up most co-working environments. Popular for freelancers in creative fields, they provide folks a cool place to work outside of their homes or local coffee shops.

But a new upstart seeks to raise the co-working bar with a mobile work spot that doubles as a rad outdoor places to surf, pedal and explore. Because drawing inspiration from the great outdoors can help get the best work out of folks and let these people work hard and play hard in the same day. This mobile co-working space is what OWL Adventure Lab recently launched on IndieGoGo.

“People light up when they hear about the idea. That’s the exciting part,” said Ryan Woldt, the co-creator of OWL Adventure Lab, in a phone interview.

OWL Adventure Lab is a two-person show comprised of Woldt and Tim Stempel. Woldt is a renaissance man -- designer, writer and all-around creative. Stempel is a social worker by training and has seen first hand the effects of the outdoors can have on a person he’s seen clients transformed, finding inspiration by connecting with the outdoors. Both are passionate cyclists and surfers.

This is where the idea for OWL was hatched, when Ryan Woldt and Tim Stempel met for coffee. Photo: OWL

This is where the idea for OWL was hatched, when Ryan Woldt and Tim Stempel met for coffee. Photo: Courtesy of OWL

Woldt was in the process of working on a co-working space when the lease fell through. By chance, Woldt met Stempel at an event in San Diego. They instantly hit it off and decided to connect for coffee. They met up on a bench to share java and Stempel talked about taking his working life outdoors. They started spit-balling on how they could work together and came up with the co-working meets adventure tours idea.

Ryan Woldt and Tim Stempel. Photo: OWL

Ryan Woldt and Tim Stempel. Photo: Courtesy of OWL

The duo is already thinking about next steps. Here’s their perfect world scenario: “Indiegogo campaign blows up, we build our first Adventure Lab and we launch this summer or fall. A second vehicle that’s dedicated to adventure touring by Christmas. And years two and three we expand into two or three strategic locations,” said Woldt.

IndieGogo perks include beanies and camp coffee cups with OWL Adventure Lab’s rad logo that’s a tad reminiscent of one of the logos from bike/beer/Black Metal blog, All Hail the Black Market.

What do you see? An office? An adventure vehicle for the ages? The guys at OWL see both.

What do you see? An office? An adventure vehicle for the ages? The guys at OWL see both. Image: Courtesy of OWL

Vehicle details. Image: OWL

Vehicle details. Image: Courtesy of OWL

The OWL name comes from the closing line from a Mary Oliver poem, “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” They shortened that to One Wild Life and the OWL Adventure Lab was born. Their goal is to create a mobile workspace inside of a bus, providing a mobile office for people to work, network and explore. Or, as they say, “A mobile co-Working and adventure touring vehicle for individuals, groups, corporate teams and more!”

OWL Adventure Lab will also host retreats and team-building events.

Stephen Krcmar splits his time between Mammoth Lakes and Los Angeles. With his Chromebook tucked away in his backpack, he turns the gondola at Mammoth Mountain into a work space on the regular.

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