Woman is first Indian police officer to scale Antarctica’s tallest peak

Aparna Kumar faced winds up to 62 mph and lost 13 pounds in the process

Aparna Kumar became the first-ever Indian police officer to climb the highest peak in Antarctica, Mount Vinson Massif, on Jan. 17.

It took nine days for the news to become available because she was not in communication with the base camp.

She survived icy winds blowing at 62 miles per hour to scale the peak, which is 16,050 feet high. As a result of the extreme conditions, Kumar lost 13 pounds.

Her expedition to the peak lasted 12 days, and she was accompanied by a 10-member team of climbers from all over the world.

She has now summited five of the seven most difficult mountains in the world and hopes to finish the final two later this year.

She has attempted to summit Everest twice but was thwarted in 2014 and 2015 by an avalanche and an earthquake, according to The Times of India.

While Kumar’s expedition was successful, not everyone this season was as lucky.

Earlier this week, a British explorer died in Antarctica while trying to cross the continent by himself as part of a fundraiser.

Kumar hopes to finish all seven summits this year if conditions allow her.

Currently, she is recovering from frostbite but plans to attempt a summit of Mount Everest this spring and Mount McKinley in Alaska this summer.

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