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Ex professional surfer and plus-size model Bo Stanley is to be on the popular television show “The Bachelor.”  Stanley, who had a career-high ranking of No. 13 on the ASP Qualifying Series in 2011, was dropped by her major sponsor Billabong that year. "It is so sad that instead of supporting me financially, Billabong decided it was more beneficial to give other girls the financial support because they were a size 2," She told Blisstree at the time.

The 25-year-old from Santa Barbara, California, gave up her competitive dreams and went on to become a plus-size model and ambassador for Healthy is the New Skinny, a movement dedicated to bringing messages of true health to the beauty and fashion industry, regardless of size. She has also modeled in campaigns for Kohls and was nominated as a curvy icon in Vogue Italia. In the 19th iteration of the ABC’s romance reality show, she will be just one of 30 "bachelorettes" attempting to win the heart of a Iowa farmer named Chris Soules.

Comfort zone

A photo posted by Bo Stanley (@bostanley) on

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