Adult Surf Cinema 10/20

Hello and welcome to Adult Surf Cinema. I have had a couple complaints recently that my weekly load of Surf Porn is not only inappropriate for young children, and people that lack a sense of humor, but borderlines on nonsensical and repulsive. I completely agree, so after some serious soul searching, I have decided that my new goal is to educate AND entertain. This week each clip of surf smut will be accompanied by a stereotypical and probably offensive shred of information that I completely made up. Knowledge is power, I always say.

Turns out there’s more to the East Coast than seafood and racism, just ask Brett Barley.

B-sides with Barley | Part 1 from Sean Benik on Vimeo.

Turns out there’s more to Santa Cruz than meth and nicknames, just ask Ozzy Wright.

Turns out there’s more to Bali than banana massages and lady-boys, just ask the Coffin Bros.

Bali Bagus Part 1 from youngwisetails on Vimeo.

Turns out there’s more to retirement than discounted coffee and adult diapers, just ask Sterling Centaur.

Black and Blue from on Vimeo.

Turns out there’s more to Santa Barbara than flat spells and std’s, just ask Tom Curren.

Turns out there’s more to Tahiti than, well actually Tahiti is gnarly, and more than anything, this video does a great job of reminding us all that compared to Bruce Irons, we are all ENORMOUS pussies.