Wanderlust 108, for those who can take part of their triathlon lying down. Photo by Daniel Craig for Wanderlust Festival

Within the outdoor world, triathletes are pretty much known as the most fanatical, Type-A group of people around, which is why event company Wanderlust’s new take on triathlon might just be the dose of medicine these triathletes (and we all) need.

How about a 5K run loop in Brooklyn's iconic Prospect Park, guided meditation, and a 90-minute community yoga session? Take that traditional triathlon.

But Wanderlust 108 is not about competition, really. It's about a one-day way to move together for the better.


Wanderlust 108 creates community around mindful movement. Photo by Meghan Mehan for Wanderlust Fesitval

That's all part of Wanderlust's big mission—fitness, health, green living, purpose, awareness, and art—which it has been sharing all over the U.S. and internationally as part of its popular series of four-day yoga and music festivals.

“Wanderlust 108 fulfills a long-standing dream of bringing the Wanderlust experience right into the heart of urban communities—and making the event accessible to all ages, backgrounds, income levels, and practice levels,” says Wanderlust co-founder Sean Hoess. “I'm looking forward to seeing thousands of people practicing peacefully in two of the busiest cities in the world. It's the ultimate expression of the idea that health, wellness, and fun can go hand-in-hand."


Wanderlust 108 is one-day way to dabble in yoga and more. Photo by Steward Noack for House of Indulgence Photography

The Wanderlust 108 takes its name from a sacred number thought to signify the body-mind-spirit connection inherent in many Eastern traditions. Meditate on this: unity (1); stillness (0); 8 (infinite possibilities).

Designed to "create community around mindful living," the multidiscipline event combines running, meditation, and yoga for all, but adds in all kinds of fringe benefits like talks by industry gurus, live music, a healthy food market, Acroyoga, slacklining, and even old-school yard games to create that social component that's key to a funky festival atmosphere. Industry participants at the New York kick-off event range from acclaimed yoga teacher and activist Seane Corn to music visionary MC Yogi (Nick Giacomini) to Congressman Tim Ryan.


Participants don’t take themselves too seriously at Wanderlust Festival. Photo by Jake Laub for Wanderlust Festival

The shorter event is designed to draw a wider audience, including runners who want to bend, yogis who want to move faster, and newbies who just want to dabble in all kinds of mindful movement. Families are also welcome. Kids programming includes mini yoga sessions, guided interactive exercises, gardening, and a smoothie station.


Kids are welcomed part of the diverse mix at Wanderlust 108. Photo by Daniel Craig for Wanderlust Festival

The September 13 New York event is the first of its kind, followed by a one-day Wanderlust 108 in Atlanta later in the month. If the mindful tri is successful, there's no doubt that, backed by the established Wanderlust name, the mini fest could take off in 2015.


Wanderlust 108 encourages people to move—in whatever way feels good. Photo by Daniel Craig for Wanderlust Festival

A free Wanderlust 108 ticket includes the meditation and group yoga session only; a premium ticket ($78) includes the full "triathlon" (5K run, meditation, and yoga) entry, priority placement for your yoga mat, better seating for the guided meditation, and "The Goods" gift pack, stuffed with all kinds of healthy alternatives. More information at

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