Sometimes rousing yourself out of bed for an intense workout can seem daunting.

It’s especially difficult if your workout has grown stale after too many repetitions. While it’s easy to get comfortable, doing the exact same workout time and time again means you’re working the exact same muscles. Variety allows muscle tone all over, not to mention it keeps things interesting.

We saw a ton of unique fitness trends take off in 2015 and we've rounded up our favorites to keep you engaged.



Tabatas can be done using a stationary bike, cardio equipment, weights or running. Photo: Twenty20

Tabatas are the answer to everyone who struggles to fit a workout into a busy schedule.

It's high intensity interval training on steroids (not literally … we don't condone the use of juice).

It was developed in 1996 and geared towards Olympic speed skaters, who needed quick bursts of energy.

The method is to go all out for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for a total of four minutes.

According to Los Angeles-based Tabata trainer, Monica Nelson, the 20 seconds have to be extremely intense.

“This is not a daily workout. If you can do this every day, then you know you are just not doing it correctly,” Nelson told GrindTV.

This exercise works well with cardio or weights but form is extremely important because of the intensity level.

Get the whole breakdown.

Slackline Yoga

Slackline yoga

Work on your balance and get outside with slackline yoga. Photo: Chris Kaiser

If you ever wanted to improve your balance, this fitness routine will get you there.

The name says it all. It combines both slacklining and yoga, which are both excellent for balance on their own.

It’s a great shot to your fitness routine because it takes you outside.

Plus, it's extremely challenging to master poses on a two-inch thick nylon strap. Time flys while trying to nail Warrior 2 pose while two feet high.

This workout is almost as mentally challenging as it is physically since you need to master your mind to balance.

TRX Training

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is the closest a surfer can get to training without the ocean. Photo: Extreme Athletics

Training with a TRX Suspension trainer is about as close a surfer can get to surfing without the ocean.

The TRX system employs a web of ropes and webbing that use your body weight to deliver a full-body workout.

A powerful upper body is key to surfing well and the TRX system delivers.

More and more gyms across America are installing a suspension system and some of the straps can be bought.

Plus, there are a ton of tutorials online to get in surfing shape.

Mud Runs

Tough Mudder Obstacle

Mud runs, like the Tough Mudder, have grown leaps and bounds over the last year. Photo: Tough Mudder

These aren't something you can do for a regular workout but mud runs are growing so fast that you can definitely find one to train for.

Mud Runs are growing 4000 percent year over year according to a Market Watch study and more people competed in one this year than those that competed in a marathon or half marathon.

The mud filled romps are the grownup version of playing in the mud and always draw tons of spectators.

If you're looking to shakeup your running, this is definitely the ticket.

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