By now you've probably heard enough about fermented foods to want to give them a try. Unlike some things we do to improve our health, eating fermented foods can actually be fun and taste good. The following recipes are fairly easy to whip up and can help you get on the fast track to a healthier gut.

Kimchi Deviled Eggs:

fermented food recipes

A tangy twist to an old standby.

Seems like almost everywhere you look these days you'll find kimchi. If you can't quite get yourself to eat it by itself, try it in this deviled egg recipe. It's a good way to ease into the fermented food realm, since kimchi’s flavor profile shows up very mildly here.

Recipe makes 12


-6 hard boiled eggs

-1 tsp kimchi brine/juice

-¼ cup mayonnaise

fermented food recipes

Kimchi, or a Korean style of fermenting vegetables, is the star of this show.

-1 tsp yellow mustard

-¼ cup kimchi, chopped fine

-1 green onion

-Ground black pepper


-Peel the eggs and slice in half lengthwise.

-Carefully remove the yolks and put them in a small bowl.

-Place the egg white halves on a plate.

-Mix the yolks, kimchi juice, mayonnaise and mustard together.

fermented food recipes

Minimal ingredients, big taste.

-Use a spoon to put it back into each of the halved egg whites.

-Top each egg with a teaspoon of chopped kimchi.

-Thinly slice the green onion and top each egg.

-Grind black pepper over the eggs.

Kombucha Salad Dressing:

fermented food recipes

It’s so easy to shake up your old salad dressing routine.

If your typical weekday salad is getting a little boring, consider making this recipe with a little bit of kombucha. Our recipe will add some bright tanginess to your greens and breathe some life back into your midday or evening meal.


-½ cup olive oil

-¼ cup kombucha (we used pomegranate kombucha)

-1 tbsp lemon juice

-1 tbsp yellow mustard

-2 tsp maple syrup

fermented food recipes

A dash of kombucha turns this recipe up in flavor and color.

-1 small pressed garlic clove

-¼ cup chopped parsley

-2 tsp fresh thyme

-salt and pepper to taste

fermented food recipes

Dressing up the most simple veggies.


-Place all of the ingredients in a mason jar, screw the lid on and shake.

-If you don't have a mason jar and a lid, whisk the ingredients until emulsified.

-Serve over a salad of your choice!

Sauerkraut Dip

fermented food recipes

Purple cabbage and tasty herbs come together in this simple, yet beautiful dip.

If the thought of sauerkraut makes you turn up your nose, we get it. But give this dip a chance. It's mildly effervescent and just salty enough to keep you coming back for more. And unlike other dips laden with cheese, you can eat this one guilt-free.

Plus, making this recipe couldn't be easier. The sauerkraut will keep some texture regardless of how long you blend it. This dip is great with crackers, raw veggies, spread on a sandwich, smeared on a grilled cheese or eaten alongside grilled or roasted pork.


-1 cup sauerkraut (we used sauerkraut made with purple cabbage for lots of color)

-2 tbsp sauerkraut juice

-1/3 cup packed with fresh herbs (we used a combination of green onion, parsley, and thyme)

-¼ cup toasted walnuts

-2 garlic cloves

-½ cup olive oil

-Black pepper to taste

ferment food recipes

So fresh, so bright – and so good for your gut health. Photo: Erin McGrady


-Put all the ingredients in a food processor or blender.

-Pulse/blend until the consistency is fairly smooth (about 30 seconds on medium).

-Empty into serving dish, and start dipping!

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