Rock-climbing gym Brooklyn Boulders aims to problem-solves your work-life balance. Photo: Brooklyn Boulders

Rock climbing gym Brooklyn Boulders aims to problem-solve your work-life balance. Photo: Brooklyn Boulders

Dedicated climbing facilities have been around for decades. But in recent weeks, news of indoor climbing gyms featuring some unusual amenities — like beer, coffee and co-working space for entrepreneurs looking to equalize their work-life balance — have caught our attention.

Take, for example, Brooklyn Boulders, opening this month. Located in Long Island City, New York, the indoor rock climbing gym will feature 20,000 square feet of climbing walls. Between the walls are co-working spaces situated on raised platforms, glass-walled conference rooms, saunas, a yoga studio and a ballet barre. A café is in the works.

“Gyms are building hangout places so that people who are there may climb, or they may use the Wi-Fi and hang out in the lounge," Jerad Wells, CEO of Boulder, Colorado-based Eldorado Climbing Walls revealed to Athletic Business.

Over in Ivy City, D.C., developers have partnered with Steep Rock Bouldering in Manhattan to transform a 3,500-square-foot space into a hipster’s playground. The 40-foot-tall, single-story space will host Qualia Coffee, a coffee shop and roasting company, along with a beer garden.

Joe Englert, the D.C. bar and restaurateur who co-owns the Ivy City property, told the Washington Post, "There'll be employees on hand to ensure that people don't imbibe pitchers of beer before climbing the 40-foot walls. The ideal flow would be for customers to go rock climbing, and then grab a beer."

We concur.

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