Many coffee addicts will read the above headline and balk. “How dare you suggest an alternative to coffee? Blasphemy!”

Time to kick the bean habit, people. Photo: Michal Grosicki/Unsplash

I get it, I do. With a near-obsessive addiction to coffee myself, even the idea of writing this seemed wrong. Until I started realizing that being addicted to anything isn’t healthy.

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With that being said, let’s take a journey into what the alternatives to coffee are. First up, we have kombucha. A favorite of hippies and hipsters everywhere, kombucha is not just the trendy drink you discovered on vacation in LA. No, it is so much more than that.

Depending on what it’s brewed with, kombucha can actually have a slight amount of caffeine in it, which will help stave off the inevitable withdrawal headaches getting off caffeine will throw your way.

Kombucha is also full of probiotics, the cultures that promote gut health, happiness and prosperity. (Well, we’re not sure about the last one, but may as well try, right?)

Probiotics are basically your secret weapon to gut health, so next time you need a boost, reach for a fizzy kombucha instead.

Bonus points: Brew your own. It’s a fun project and will distract you from thinking about coffee. Double win.

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Next up, we have yerba mate. Tasty and chock-full of brain-boosting powers.

Yerba mate is a traditional South American brew that boasts “enhanced mental clarity, alertness, focus and concentration.” Can your latte do that? We didn’t think so.

Green tea is the way to go if you’re looking for a natural boost. Photo: vee-o/Unsplash

Teas of many varieties can replace your morning java habit. One of green tea’s key active ingredients is caffeine, making it an obvious contender as a replacement, but ginseng tea is also helpful in boosting concentration and focus.

Not a tea fan? We get it. What about a nice green smoothie instead? Not only are green smoothies an easy, effective way of getting your greens, they’re also really tasty. And with so many combinations available, you won’t get as bored as you might with your daily “black coffee, small splash of almond milk, please.”

Easy to make, even easier to drink. Photo: Joanna Kosinska/Unsplash

Last but certainly not least, we have what is arguably the simplest coffee replacement: lemon water. You won’t find any caffeine in this beverage, but if you can learn to go without it, you will skip out on the inevitable afternoon crash.

Lemon water is the ultimate detox weapon for your body; it has been shown to aid digestion, keep skin glowing, can assist in weight loss and is packed with Vitamin C. Not to mention, the simple concoction also boosts mood and energy.

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