Many people, especially in the health and wellness world, will tell you not to get too caught up in trends. At times, they can be fleeting – making their blip on the radar and then disappearing in the buzz of the next big craze.

But taking a look back at the year that was 2018, it's easy to see a couple of patterns emerging that have positive undertones for ushering in 2019 and beyond. We rounded up just a few that stood out, as we count down the final days of this year.

Sustainably Sourced, Minimal Ingredient Food Options

wellness trends 2018

Patagonia Provisions introduced minimally-processed, sustainably sourced mussels this year. Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

As lovers of the outdoors, it just makes sense to put a focus on more sustainable ways to live. Of course, the food we consume is a big piece of the puzzle and more companies in our space are beginning to make that a priority, including heavy hitters and small start-ups.

In many cases, these companies’ transparency combined with high-quality ingredients is attracting support from big-name athletes, only helping to elevate this movement. As we move into 2019, this will become less of a trend and more of "the new normal."

CBD for Wellness

CBD topical for athlete injury

CBD is the latest healing compound found in hemp to be spotlighted. Photo: Matthew Brodeur/Unsplash

You'd have to have been living under a rock to miss this one. CBD is everywhere – and we predict will continue to flood the wellness space with its purported healing qualities. Although some of the longterm research is still missing, many who support the daily-CBD movement are seeing positive benefits, from improved immune system response, less aches and pains and overall well being. From topical creams for sore muscles to CBD-infused beverages, we'll be keeping a look out for what's new in 2019.

The Rise of Dairy Alternatives

oat milk

The rise in oat milk’s popularity can be somewhat attributed to the baristas everywhere adopting the dairy alternative. Photo: James Rodney

A trend that we can support (rejoice vegans and cow-advocates everywhere), dairy-free beverage alternatives came up heavy in 2018. From flax to oat milks we tried (and cooked with) almost all of them, and plan to keep up with the plant-based milk trend as it continues to explode into the next year.

Ayurvedic Products

supplements you need for traveling

Herbal remedies have been used for generations. Photo: Katherine Hanlon/Unsplash

The idea of using food as medicine dates back thousands of year with the holistic Indian practice, Ayurveda – and we couldn't be more excited that this concept was brought to the forefront this past year. Ayurveda and its principles are now being talked about on a much broader scale with major athletes like Travis Rice promoting Ayurvedic-based supplements that help him recover and stay strong. The benefits of many of the plants and herbs associated with the practice align perfectly with an active, outdoor lifestyle – so if you haven't already, get familiar with these potent healing practices because we expect to see a lot more of them in the near future.

Mushroom Coffee & Supplements

mushroom coffee

The small but mighty mushroom has a long list of healing properties. Photo: Harshal Hirve/Unsplash

Speaking of healing, there is more research now than ever before that supports the miraculous properties of certain varieties of mushrooms. So, it's hardly surprising that the wellness space exploded with mushroom-derived products this year, ranging from beauty products like skin serums to teas and edible adaptogen powders. Unless you have an allergy, there is little harm to giving a few (or all of these) a whirl. Especially when mushrooms like Lion's Mane and Cordyceps have shown promising results in improving brain and nervous system functions. If drinking more tea is on your New Year's Resolutions list (my hand's up), then switching to a mushroom tea could be your best option.

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