I like to take my yoga mat on every trip I go on, and that has included, more times than I can count, long flights from California to Hawaii.

I knew I could borrow a mat wherever I ended up, but there’s something sentimental about taking your mat on your travels and logging yoga sessions around the world.

And so I was the girl on the plane, walking through the aisle, hitting people’s shoulders and heads with my yoga mat that was strapped to my duffel.

Yogo mat

Before the YOGO mat, my travel setup could feel cumbersome. Photo: Gabriela Aoun

Until I tried the YOGO Mat Ultralight 2.0 ($68).

This nifty little piece of indispensable travel gear is a yoga mat that folds into a conveniently packable size and even has its own straps and handle attached.

Yogo travel mat

A much better packing option for shorter trips. Photo: Gabriela Aoun

There are four main reasons to love the YOGO mat.

First, the mat folds onto itself, rather than being rolled up, which keeps the top of the mat away from the dirt collected by the bottom of the mat.

Second, cleaning it is much easier than cleaning a conventional mat, as you can spray it off in the shower and leave it hanging to dry. (I once hosed down my thick yoga mat and the thing took days to dry.)

Third, the YOGO mat's grip is just as good as a conventional mat. In fact, while some yoga mats need a few sessions to “break in” before they are grippy, the YOGO mat was slippage-free on the first session.

Last, of course, is that it is truly travel-sized. It can unobtrusively fit into a duffel bag or even a work bag.

yogo mat

Though highly functional in many ways, the YOGO is best suited for practicing on soft surfaces due to its thinness. Photo: Gabriela Aoun

I must admit, I tested the YOGO Ultralight, which was very thin. I do not think I would be a happy yogi repeatedly practicing studio or hard-floor sessions on it.

That said, for outdoor trips, where you’ll be practicing on grass, sand or other soft surfaces, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved on the YOGO mat, and you won’t get scowls from flight attendants when you’re carrying it through the aisle.

yogo mat

You just can’t beat the YOGO mat’s compactness. Photo: Courtesy of YOGO

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