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Don’t let your wallet disrupt your breathing the next time you shop for yoga pants. Photo: nturtle2004/Twenty20

Customers are furious with the recent price hike on yoga pants by Lululemon.

Last week the company announced it would start sorting it’s pants by fit, but that wasn’t the only change the mega yoga and running clothing retailer made. Customers soon realized that prices had also shifted … skyward.

But have no fear dear readers, not only is it National Yoga Month, we’ve also found a few alternatives to expensive pants, so you can leave the stretching for the mat, not your budget.

Fabletics VIP membership program ($49.00)

Hudson models Fabletics' Salar legging. Photo: FableticsKate Hudson's Fabletics has us meditating the possibilities.

Join Fabletics’ VIP program and shop for a new look every month.

A complete outfit starts at $49.95. Yes, we said outfit, not pant.

And in honor of Labor Day, the company is cutting that cost in half — free shipping and exchanges are included.

Forever 21 Colorblocked Wave Graphic Leggings ($29.90)

The Colorblocked Wave Graphic Legging Photo: Forever 21

Made from performance swim material Forever 21’s Colorblocked Wave Graphic Leggings features a photorealistic wave graphic and allow you to go from the yoga studio straight into a paddle boarding session.

The best part? There’s a matching sports bra. This deal is worth bending to.

Victoria’s Secret The Most-Loved Yoga Capri ($39.50 or 2/$60.00)

The Most-Loved Yoga Capri Photo: Victoria's Secret

This must-get pant aptly named “The Most-Loved Yoga Capri features a fold over waistband with the word “love” handwritten across it.

Plus, the cropped length allows you to move and sweat freely.

At less than $40 a pair, this deal has us reaching for the sun.


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