Wednesday Wants Volcom Fiji Pro Edition

Five rad products we'll be giving away during the Volcom Fiji Pro!

Kicker CUSH Headphones
Our pal Thomas from Kicker just sent our crew a remedy to the crying babies, muffled PA announcements, and that large Fijian woman coughing up a lung that will most likely be in the seat behind us. Whether we're listening to music or plugging into the in flight entertainment, these puppies are a lifesaver in blocking out unwanted sound and bringing bass to your ears! Definitely a great travel companion.

Fiji Airways
Air Pacific has been Fiji's national airline since your mom and dad were on their honeymoon conceiving you. However, they're rebranding the company to "Fiji Airways" and have recently bought a fleet of A330's to get you to Fiji in style. By the time you watch the contest and book your trip to Tavarua or Namotu, these bad boys will be ready for you to fly to paradise in style and comfort. Be sure to check out specials to book your own trip to Fiji…remember that this is south swell season and Fiji is firing!

Incipio Atlas Waterproof iPhone 5 Case
This bad boy is a definite essential for trips to places like Tavarua and Namotu where you'll be spending time in boats, kayaks, SUPs, and other toys. The Atlas case for iPhone 5 protects against water, dirt and drops with the ultra-rugged casing. The ATLAS Case is sleek, slim and includes an easy-to-use app and revolutionary device warranty. A must have for surf trips!

New Era X Volcom Fiji Pro Caps
New Era are the master of the collaboration and they've nailed it again with these Volcom Fiji Pro X New Era caps! One of a kind and only available in the USA and Canada these are the perfect caps for leisurely days at the beach and bad hair days. The embroidered "Volcom Fiji Pro" lettering on the Velcro enclosure will make you coolest kid on the block, too!

Knoxville Union sunglasses from Electric
There are a few ways to duck away from the hot tropical sun in Fiji; hide under a palm tree, grab a snorkel and go underwater, or slap on a pair of the Knoxville Union sunglasses from Electric. Electric will be on board partnering on this year's Volcom Fiji Pro so stay tuned to see Dusty Payne and friends setting the vibe in a pair of these fine frames by Electric. Polarized to the max and providing 100% UV protection, keep your eyes peeled for giveaways with these and the aforementioned products during the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro!