Wednesday Wants Surf Products 5/2

iPhone 4G Case
The Vans waffle sole is an undeniable part of surf and skate history. The rubber diamond and hexagon pattern on the bottom of Vans shoes have offered skaters superior grip for decades, and Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridegmont High made Vans Slip Ons the shoe of choice for surfer slackers everywhere. Well, now the waffle sole is sought after again, but this time, as an iPhone case. I wanted one the first time I saw one a few months ago, now I have one, and everybody wants it. I like it cause it looks cool, it's grippy on any surface, it stays in your pocket, and it feels good to touch--what more could you want.--CC

Domino Set
Every once in a while companies send us cool little care packages that we love. Last week, Arnette sent out a box with two pairs of their latest shades and a custom made Arnette dominos! The Dibs shades feature changeable arms in black and bright neon yellow and feature an edgy yet subtle shape perfect for summer usage. The Moolah shades are oval shaped eye covers that also feature changeable lenses and will look lovely on your face if you consider yourself a fashionable type. Thirdly, the domino set is just f--king awesome. I've only played dominos by setting them up and making them fall, but now, I'm gonna learn how to really play dominos, and I'm gonna start drinking 40's while I do it.--CC

Unlite Trainer
In an effort to lose a few lbs. and tighten up the rig in time for summer, I've been hitting the gym next door to TransWorld. It ain't easy, either. I've got a million reasons not to go; hungover, no time, lazy, etc. However, after getting a pair of the yet-to-be-released Unlite Trainer's from DC there are no more excuses, it's time to get in there and sweat it out in style. The shoes feature all kinds of bells and whistles but the most important part for me is that they're really comfortable and offer just the right amount of support. Watch out Travis Pastrana, I'm coming for you!--JC

Sea Eagle FoldCat

Sea Eagle FoldCat
I can't afford a proper boat, nor do I have the room to store one, but one of these mini-cats from Sea Eagle would be ideal for quick jaunts to the kelp beds and getting to out of reach surf spots. They fit into the trunk of a car and can support up to a 4hp gas engine. With a top speed of 8-knots, you could cover some ground and get into sweet little surf zones that would normally go unridden.--JC
$2,200 (without a motor)

Leave it up to me to not bring sunglasses to Hawaii. It was December. We were out at The Pipe Masters with perfect 3-4' surf and sunny, 75 degree weather and I'm stuck squinting through the glare during the contest. But, what are friends for? My buddy Nick from VZ hands me a pair of these and respectfully calls me an idiot for not bring shades to one of the best and sunniest places on earth. Thanks brother, I owe you one...from there on out these have been one of my favs.--Matt Sims