Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 7-25
Ten surf products to get your mitts on…

Captain Fin | Summer Teeth Dane Reynolds Fin
As you all probably know by now, I am a Dane Reynolds fan. That doesn't mean that I just recommend every thing he puts his name on. Like, if he put his name on a club for baby harp seals, I totally wouldn't back that product. In the case of his new fin from Captain Fin—I can whole-heartedly and completely give my thumbs up and three fins down (in the water) to these awesome fine. First the functionality of the fin is awesome—I know because these are the only fins I like to ride. They're ultra-light and flexi enough for fun and stiff enough for when shit gets serious. Artistically speaking—you can't go wrong with side fin art by Alex Knost and inside fin art by Dane himself—simply put, they look as cool as they work. They'll be ready for your rippage on September 1st, go get up and let the shredding commence.—Chris Coté

Odysea by Catch Surf
Soft boards are all the rage—and why shouldn't they be—they're awesome! This particular soft-top log is fast, loose, and soft enough that when you and your friends lay crash up derby on it, no one will need to go to the emergency room afterwards! This is the ideal board for a beginner as well as a pro who wants to run down to Lowers and wreak havoc on the poor saps out in the water trying to surf seriously. Personally, I love this board on a hot summer day somewhere in between two and four beers—but that's not to say that I encourage drinking and surfing, I don't. There are three sizes (7'0", 8'0" and 9.0") to choose from and a gaggle of colors and stamps you can combine to make the board totally your own—better yet, buy one and draw all over it with a paint pen, that's some summer fun in the sin right there!—CC

Nike | Levi’s 511 Skateboarding Denim
Omar Salazar is one of my favorite skateboarders of all time—the dude skates Tasmanian devil, fathered by Mark Gonzales and Natas (I know, weird visual, but trust me, he does). In an unprecedented collab, Nike and Levi's have teamed up to create a mini-collection of jeans, jackets, and shoes that have been designed, tried, and tested by Omar himself. They look like the good old awesome Levi's we know and love, but Nike has added some technical tricks to make the collection more suited to fast and hard skateboarding—things like Dri-FIT and vectran technologies (stretchy and less sweaty than normal jeans). So when we say we "want" these items I feature on Wednesday wants, I'm serious. So anyone at Nike or Levi's, just so you know, I really want the whole set up! Omar will vouch for me, I let him roadie for our band and snuck him in to a bar when he was 17—he owes me.—CC

Josh Hall Longboard
Josh Hall Surfboards JM Model
I suck at riding logs, but trying is half the fun right? I've been asking some of my really cool logger friends what logs are the best and my most influential and awesome log-sliding bros, Thomas Campbell (yeah, dropping hot names, so what) told me that Josh Hall boards are the jam. From what I know, he was trained by the great Skip Frye, is a San Diego local, and shapes some of the most unique, beautiful, and functional logs you could ever hope to cruise on. I checked out the website and the board that caught my eye was this JM Model in all of it's big, black, beauty. It's available from anywhere between 9'6 and 10'2 and as Josh describes, the features are as follows: "50/50 rails all the way, not too pinched, not too round, Low entry rocker with lots of kick in the last 12 inches, Glass on Nuuhiwa at 2 ¼" from the tail"—I don't know what most of that means, all I know is this looks like an amazing summer log for me to do coffin rides on.—CC

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Leave it to our friends at to find all the coolest shit on the web. I go to nearly every day and drool at all the cool stuff they show on their site. Yesterday I saw the Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition and nearly sharted a little joy bubble. I love Blade Runner! I made my wife watch it and she loved it too! So when I buy this, when she yells at me, I can say, "But I thought you liked Blade Runner as much as I did?" She won't have an argument for that answer—but in my heart I'll hide my giggle—'cause there's no way in hell she loves Blade Runner as much as I do! I win, and you will too if you buy this amazing collectable. In fact, you're a total geek if you don't buy it. It's a four-disc Blu-ray collection that includes an UltraViolet Digital Copy. It's also got 10 hours of bonus features, a documentary and a 1000 image photo gallery—f—k yeah!—CC

The Drowning Men
All Of The Unknown Deluxe Package By The Drowning Men
Ya'll have probably figured out by now that The Drowning Men are the official band of TransWorld SURF for 2012, yeah we love them that much. The wait is now over for their newest release All Of The Unknown and better than just buy the download on iTunes (which is also fine) why not step it up and do yourself a favor by buying the Deluxe All Of The Unknown Package! What you'll get is: All Of The Unknown Gold Clear Vinyl w/ Digital Download, CD, Limited Edition T-Shirt, Pin Pack, Signed Poster and Lyric sheet, and a free instant Download Of “Lost In A Lullaby”—best package ever! And guess what! To celebrate the release of All Of The Unknown, we're gonna give one lucky fan the complete package! All you have to do is go to The Drowning Men Facebook page, give ’em a like, then come back to this very post and leave us a message as to why you like The Drowning Men—and trust me, we know you'll like The Drowning Men. Good luck, may the best answer win.—CC

My Oceanside Aaron Checkwood Book
My Oceanside Coffee Table Book By Aaron Checkwood
Unlike the guy who created 'My Oceanside,' I'm not from O-side. But the reason I'd like to get my hands on a copy of Checky's book isn't only because I work right next to the guy and will be considered an asshole if I don't support his efforts at documenting his hometown, but more so because I love the grittiness and spirit of Oceanside. It's a Marine town with a heavy dose of Latin culture and a sideshot of Samoan pride. Through his photography, Checky portrayed his town to a tee. From the Mexican wresting on Sundays in the barrio, to the Junior Seau jersey wearing Samoans, to the perfect peaks up and down the Strand, the 152-page hard back book is like taking a trip to O-side without the locals at Buccaneer paddling around you on every wave (yeah I'm talking to you Charlie Anderson).—Justin Coté

New Era TWS Caps
New Era | TWS Collab Cap
With the summer sun high in the sky and droves of scantily glad youth flocking to the shores of Huntington Beach, it's important that you protect yourself from the sun in style! And what better way to fight the suns rays and seduce members of the opposite sex then running one of these bad boys, fresh of the boat from New Era and TransWorld SURF. Keep your eyes out for these stylish headpieces at our Transworld X New Era VIP Lounge next week at the US Open Of Surfing.—Jason Jackson
$Free with a VIP card at the US Open

Grove Bamboo and Skateback iPhone Cases
Hand-carved by a small team of 20-somethings in Portland, Oregon, Grove iPhone cases are innovative, creative and just look badass. Hand-crafted from a single block of bamboo, owning a Bamboo iPhone case is like having a completely original piece of art inked on your arm. Slightly pricey, but when every part of the creation process is made by these folk and not shipped overseas, it's a worthy business to support. Their newest (and cheapest) cover, the 'SkateBack' is sleek and made of 100% post-industrial skateboard material. So know when your board dies, it will go on to serve a bigger purpose: making sure your phone doesn't find the same fate.—Amanda Martinek
From $49 to $119

Nixon Floppy Hat
Nixon Floppy Sunhat
I ventured to Encinitas' hippie, drugged-out cousin Leucadia this past weekend to catch a free show at Lou's Records. The moment I got there, I realized I was under-hipped to properly fit in, I needed a beard or a hat. Since my face genetically won't grow hair, I settled on a hat. The Nixon Floppy Sunhat is perfect for summer afternoons, to keep the sun out of your eyes and frizzy beach hair maintained. Bold boys and daring girls alike can throw on the hat and look effortlessly classier and more cool, you might even be able to fit in with the hip kids.—AM