Nike Legacy

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Nike Legacy Trunks
One thing I can't stand is trunks that are too long and wrap around your knees when you're trying to whip around for a wave. I also hate having white thighs. These two issues are nonexistent with Nike's latest pair of boardies, the Legacy. They're short, (but not too short) and made with flat seams like a wetsuit (no rash) and water beads right off the hi-tech fabric. While they're a bit steep price wise, you'll be stoked with the comfort and quality of 'em. Plus, chicks dig tan thighs.—JC
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Ocean Minded MB Waveseeker
Next time you're invited to a yacht party in Mazatlan you've gotta rock up in a pair of these Waveseeker's from Ocean Minded. Meant to be worn in and around the water, these bad boys would also reduce the sting from a ray, deflect bee stings, and warm the hearts of Mexican babes from Tijuana to Cancun.—JC

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4
Every week we post something that, while totally out of our price range, would be an awesome thing to own. This week's dream machine is a tricked out 4×4 van from Mercedes Benz. Customized with a little stove, refrigerator, and bed you could drive the length of the Baja peninsula in style and comfort in this bad boy.
Base models start at $45,000, start saving your pennies.—JC

Proctor Monsta
Proctor Surfboards Monsta v.2
I'm a fan of the short and stubby boards that are dominating the line up these days, but some of them are too stubby, and get squirrely in anything more than small, mushy surf. Enter Proctor's Monsta v.2. It's an awesome mix of a shortboard that can coast through summer mushburgers, but will also let you unleash high-performance turns in the pocket when the surf picks up or gets steeper. On their site ( there are cool descriptions of three different rockers Proctor uses for this board, depending on what the surf is like in your area. It's meant to be ridden 3-4 inches smaller than your normal shortboard, and 1/2" wider. And actually, if your go-to blade is a chippy board that's 18 1/4" x 2 1/4", the Monsta just might change what you think of as your "normal" shortboard. Check out these and other Proctor board models in our Gear Guide.—Casey Koteen

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DC’s Rigby Trunks
Summer is creeping near, and a pair of solid trunks is a must have, of course. Here's the thing: for those of us of Caucasian decent, unless you've got the travel schedule of a pro surfer and find yourself bronzed up year round you're probably going to be unleashing some serious pastiness on the world on those first few beach days. Dark colored trunks will only further the contrast. Instead, go with more neutral colors. Like these nice gray and red trunks from DC. The Rigby are cool looking and stylish, and are functional too with diamond dobby material (tiny diamond shapes embossed on the inside of the suit), which is meant to dry faster than traditional fabric, and be less prone to give you a rash.—CK

Billabong Magnum Floral Shirt
I love Hawaiian shirts and my collection is growing every day. Usually I find them at yard sales, thrift stores, and at corny surf shops, but recently I've been seeing clothing companies stepping up their game on the Hawaiian shirt tip. I searched around on Billabong's site and was so happy to see a few mental Hawaiian shirts in their 2012 line up! The best shirt they make has to be the Magnum Floral. Named after my hero, Magnum P.I. this shirt will work at any event. Pair it with a jean jacket for a rock show or wear it with some slacks and a nice pair of loafers for an upscale shindig—you can never go wrong in a Hawaiian shirt!—CC


O'Neill Bahia 2/1 mm short spring
Usually I don't condone ladies wearing wetsuits while surfing. I, like most men prefer the new style of women wearing Brazilian cut bikinis out in the lineup. But just the other day I saw a really hot young woman wearing this O'Neill long arm spring suit with a booty short butt and damn, it was really sexy. There's something about the booty short cut that gets me every time. I wasn't trying to be creepy when I asked the girl how the suit was, she could tell 'cause we talked about the wetsuit for a minute between waves. She said it was awesome, comfortable, and warm enough for early sessions in springtime temps. Ladies, if you're not in a bikini, wear this wetsuit, you'll love it and so will the dudes surfing around you.—CC