Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-30
Gearing up for the best summer ever

JBL Pole Spear
JBL International
6' Pole Spear
With the water warming up and the waves dropping off here in SoCal, there's no better time to spearfish in the surf in search of corbina, croaker, halibut, and more tasty fish. In shallow water, it's super fun to hunt with one of these bad boys rigged up with a three-prong tip. Last night I swam out in front of my house for ten minutes before nailing this corbina below. It was on the grill and on a plate an hour later.—JC

M2 Polyamide Boxer Brief
Wanna look like an Italian soccer star while lounging on the couch with your lady? Then get yourself a pair of these boxer briefs from Moskova! With flat seems and polyamide fabric you'll be as comfy as you are good looking. As well, try 'em in black—it makes your package look bigger (not that you need it to).—JC

Sector 9
Sector 9 Joel Tudor Signature Model
My days of skating on ramps and curbs are long gone, nowadays it's more about a quick push to check the surf or a dash to the store for a six-pack. Most skateboards today have these tiny little wheels that make me super nervous anytime I go over a crack in the sidewalk—a grown man eating shit on a skateboard while holding a burrito and sixer is not a pretty sight. That said, with its bigger wheels and nice wide deck, the Joel Tudor model from Sector 9 is the perfect board for transportation to and fro the neighborhood. If you really want to get crazy (and break the law) you can roll a doobie in the built in tray.—JC
Comes complete for $158.95
Available at Jack's Surfboards


Seven Mile Trunks
I was recently at a pool party with Benji Weatherley. I'm not bragging about it, I'm sure a lot of people find themselves at pool parties with Benji so it's not really a big deal. Anyway, while at the party I couldn't help but stare at Benji's ass the whole time. It's not cause he has a super good ass or anything, it's cause he was wearing the sickest trunks I've seen in a long time. The Analog "Seven Mile" trunks feature snippets of photos of iconic North Shore areas, foods, signs, and landmarks shot by our friend, Mike Coots. When you look at the trunks, you get a subconscious trip to da islands, and I like that. Also, a portion of proceeds go to help protect communities on Oahu from the dangerous effects of large-scale development—do your part to help keep the country country.—CC

Catch Surf
Catch Surf
The Super One
I like to have fun at the beach. I bring every toy I have and Sherpa that shit down the 120 stairs every Saturday and Sunday with a big grin on my face. I have an amazing array of beach toys and now I've found one more item to add to my growing collection of stuff that I "need" for the ultimate beach day set up. The Super One is the latest Catch Surf/Y creation made for nothing but a good time. Featuring FCS fins, a triple stringer, and a harder bottom, this little nugget is going to be the hit of the summer. I'm going for the yellow 4'6, and yes, when you see me at the beach you can try it out—you know you want to.—CC

Drew Toonz
Drew Toonz | Kyox Sparkle
Surf Skool 4 Pillow
With Surf Skool 4 on the verge of worldwide release, it's time to get on the bandwagon and start buying up every piece of Surf Skool memorabilia you can. The Surf Skool series is the ONLY cartoon that matters, and Surf Skool 4 (Starring Kelly Slater as himself) is destined to be the best one yet. Oh, and yes, that is me on the pillow along with Kelly Slater, Johnny Stone, and the rest of the epic Surf Skool cast or characters. Check out the trailer for Surf Skool 4 below and for more info about Surf Skool, find Drew Toonz on This movie is gonna kick ass.—CC