Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-24

The gear and products our editors are frothing over…

K2 Keel Futures fins
K2 Twin Keel Fin from Futures
That board I was blabbering about a few weeks ago is almost done, and I've got my eyes on multiple sets of fins because I'm a bit of a fin whore/junkie. The keel fin setup works well on retro style boards with really wide tails. They provide a ton of drive and work well in small waves with slopey faces. With summer quickly approaching, we're going to see a lot of days that my little retro fish will be called upon and I'm confident that these are the right fins for the job.—Justin Coté

Pro Lite Comp Leash
Pro-Lite Super Comp 5.5' Comp Leash
I don't wear a leash often, but when I do it's a comp leash. Here's my theory; a 6' comp leash eventually stretches out to like 7' making it too long, and a 5' leash is too short and doesn't provide enough separation between you and your board. But 5.5' is just right. It'll eventually stretch to about 6', which is the perfect length. And as far as comp leash versus regular leash, why would anyone want a thick leash when surfing waves under 6'? Worst-case scenario is your leash breaks and you take a swim. Do you want a big old rope dragging off the back of your board acting like an anchor? Just because you don't surf in contests doesn't mean you don't need a comp leash.—JC

Santa Cruz Surfboards Ozzie Wright Model
Santa Cruz Ozzie Wright Model
5'4" x 19 3/4" x 2.38"
Designed by Chris Gallagher
Last weekend I tried this thing out in two to three foot mush, and it actually made the slop pretty fun. No big surprise that a short, wide board could do that, but this sled turned well, generated plenty of speed, and felt light and responsive. It's also pretty girthy and is great for catching waves, which all makes for a great combo for a summer board. It's got Santa Cruz's Powerlyte construction, which they describe as giving the board "decreased weight, and increased flex." I was stoked on the board, and looking at the southern California surf forecast (1-3 feet for the next week), I'll be spending more quality time on it soon. But I'm also interested to see how it goes in a bit more juice and see if I can channel my inner Ozzie Wright.—Casey Koteen

Hurley Bikini
Mayan Stripe Bikini from Hurley
I'm a bikini expert. After years of research and study in the field I could easily get a job as a bikini consultant, and pick the perfect bikini for any and every body type. I'm passionate about bikinis, I love them. I actually get upset when I see a girl wearing a bad bikini. With that being said, I watched my wife getting out of the shower the other night (not creepy at all) and imagined her in the new Hurley Mayan Stripe Bandeau top and Mayan Stripe Aussie Tabside bottom, and she looked damn good. So ladies, if you need a bikini concierge, call me, I have many open appointments to tell you the perfect bikini for your body, actually all my appointments are open right now as I have no clients. But, it's still early spring so I'm sure someone will call soon. Anyway, this Mayan Stripe bikini by Hurley is sexy, sold separately, and have all eyes on you at the beach this summer, in a good way, not a creepy way.—Chris Coté
Bottom: $37.00, Top: $45.00

Aloha Series Rob Welsh Deck by Expedition One
In my quest to live all aloha all the time, I must seek and find all avenues of the aloha lifestyle. I skate at least once a day; therefore I go through a lot of skateboards. My current ride of choice for doing the four tricks I still know how to do is the Welsh Aloha board from Expedition One Skateboards. It's 8.06 wide, has perfect concave, good length, and yeah, aloha graphics. I'm not gonna lie to you, graphics are still important to me, just like they were when I was a kid in the 80s buying decks at Mike McGill's Skate Shop purely for the graphics and never for the shape (except that one time I got a Hosoi Hammerhead Mini). I also get boards from guys who are cool, and Rob Welsh is cool as f—k. He surfs, he likes Waylon Jennings, and one time he let me get a letter on him in a game of skate. So, yeah, if you still try kick flips and shit, try an Expedition One Aloha deck, good vibes, good wood.—CC