Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-13

Six things you could live without but probably shouldn’t…

Sector 9 Hurricane Sandy Relief Tee
Guess what, New Jersey and New York are still totally f—ked from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. The homies at Sector 9 are proud to offer up our Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Tee. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each tee will be donated to the Waves for Water Hurricane Relief Initiative to support their disaster relief efforts in New York and New Jersey. Join us in supporting our friends on the East Coast in their time of need. The shirt is cool looking and when you buy it, you help our East Coast brothers and sisters rebuild their lives. Buy it! Support the cause!—Chris Coté

BluKale One-Day Cleanse
Every person I've ever seen on a cleanse is irritable, starving, pissed off, and hungry. I vowed never to do a cleanse—that is until I tried my first bottle of BluKale "cold pressed juice". The flavor alone (and the fact that they offer a one day cleanse) made me think that I could handle it. Judging by the evil shit I put in my body on a daily basis, I needed a cleanse. I just did the one-day version of the BluKale Cleanse last week and while it wasn't a walk in the park, it was manageable. The five different juices were a nice distraction from my hunger, and the order in which you drink them makes the day go by faster than you'd think, and I did have the energy to put in a two hour surf the day of the cleanse. These juices exercised some of the demons in my loins. Thank you BluKale, someday I'll step up to the three day, some day.—CC

Dane Reynolds Skate Hi by Vans
If you read this magazine or look at this website you probably know that I (we) love anything and everything having to do with Dane Reynolds and Aloha. Dane has collaborated with Vans to create the Dane Pack, three shoes that feature Dane's vibe in shoe form. My personal favorite of the three is the Sk8-Hi, a classic Vans shoe that's been kitted out with little pink islands, palm trees, boats, and a basic aloha vibe that will make your feet and heart happy. Good vibes, great shoes.—CC

Surf Images Wall Murals
Imagine how much action you could get with one of these bad ass wall murals hanging in your stabbin' cabin? Ladies would walk in and be like, "Oh my god, is that you in that huge tube?" Coming in a variety of photos and sizes, the murals are of the highest quality and will no doubt get you wall-to-wall poontang from now 'til eternity.—Justin Coté
$7.99 per square foot

Skullcandy Mick Fanning Fix
I'm a sucker for a good set of headphones but I hate when they fall out of your ears. That's not a problem with these new Skullcandy rigs that fit right into your ears. As well, they sound like you're in the front row of your first Ozzy Osbourne concert. Endorsed by Mick "White Lighning" Fanning, pick up a pair of these and blast your ears out!—Matt Sims

Rip Rock By Electric
Your eyes are important. They work hard for you all day and their only real off time is the measly 5-8 hours you give them in your sleep. That’s why it’s important that you spoil them any chance you get, which is why I recommend you do so with the Rip Rock shades from Electric. Hand crafted in Italy, these fine eye accessories combine a vintage look and modern feel your face needs. So give your eyes a break and make them feel fancy with the Rip Rock.—Jason Jackson