Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 12/19/2012
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Globe Bantam Skateboard
Graphic Bantam By Globe
I love my Bantam board from Globe. I have a black one with blue wheels that's been sitting outside of my house in the rain for months and it still rolls like a charm. I was thinking of handing it down to a grommet and getting a new one so I looked the Globe website and OMG! New Bantam boards come complete with amazing all-over graphics, S-Track Grip, they're lighter, and feature a new swallowtail shape! So, all I'm saying, is that Santa better make a stop by Globe HQ and pick me up a camo-Bantam-cruiser or else. I mean, shit, I've been a pretty good kid all year so I think I deserve it. C'mon Santa! Hook it up! Or maybe Dion Agius will do it. Dion has a beard, Santa has a beard, they'll both cool and they both fly—Dion? Please.—Chris Coté

Lifeproof iPad Case
Nüüd iPad Case From Lifeproof
iPads are expensive. I know, I've bought two. Let me tell you a little story about the first one I bought; One evening, on an airplane flying over the Pacific Ocean, I was minding my own business when two of the three glasses of wine I ordered somehow found their way on to and into my iPad—I don't know what happened 'cause I was sleeping at the time. Anyway, that was 600 bucks down the drain, bummer. I don't want to make the same mistake twice, so I'm wrapping my latest iPad in a Lifeproof Nüüd case. Lesson learned: Don't fall asleep with three glasses of wine in your lap while holding expensive electronics—safety first!—CC

Tom Delonge Tee
Gooey Tom Delonge Tee By Macbeth X Sketchy Tank
Sketchy Tank is one of my favorite artists, so when he releases a limited print, I jump at the chance to own it. His latest work of gooey art is a collab with Macbeth Footwear. To celebrate his birthday and the release of the new Blink 182 EP, Dogs Eating Dogs, Sketchy Tank created a "Gooey Tom Delonge" limited edition T-shirt and poster. Sketchy Tank has made many gooey renditions including David Bowie, Morrissey, Tupac, Biggie, and more. The gooey Tom prints and T's are probably sold out by now—Blink 182 fans are ravenous! Go ahead and check out to see if there are any left, if so, buy one immediately.—CC
$25 or

MoonraKerr 5.0 3D Fins
I've been hearing about these new 3D fins out of Australia for a while now and this morning finally got to try out a set after getting hooked up on the North Shore. Let me tell you, these babies fly! Granted the waves were pretty damn good, but I could instantly tell the difference between the ones I had in my board before and these. The main difference between 3D fins and all the others out there are the dimples. Not the kind of dimples that make a fat chick cute—actual dimples on the fin like a golf ball. I won't get all hydrodynamical on you, but my theory is the golf world has spent billions of dollars developing the perfect ball (with dimples) so why not translate that technology into fins? As an added value, the MoonraKerr 5.0 comes in this bad ass Cheetah print…and we all know how fast cheetahs are.—Justin Coté

MoonraKerr 3D Fins

Goddis Cardigan
Goddis Carrie Cardigan By Goddis
If there's one thing dudes know about getting girls something for Christmas it's this; if you screw it up, you are f—ked. The ladies in our lives don't want some lame ass sweater you got on sale at Tilly's—they want something they can show to their girlfriends as they rave about what a good boyfriend/husband you are. That's where the Carrie Cardigan from Goddis comes in. Made in Peru and Brazil, Goddis products scream, "I care about my chick and I'm not afraid to spend some of my hard earned cash on her!" Make the lady in your life happy; it'll earn you points—and therefore more surf time—down the line.—JC