Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 11-21
Five gifts for the surfer in your family

Alpinestars Flannel
Alpinestars Jasper Long Sleeve Flannel
Fall is in the air so it's time to ditch the flouro tank top and rock something a bit more suitable for the dropping temps. This flannel from Alpinestars is everything you look for in a flannel; warm, soft, and stylin'. Even a schlep like me gets compliments when I wear this, which is why I wear it four to five times a week—the sign of a great piece of clothing.—Justin Coté

Imua Lace Up Boot
Ocean Minded Imua Lace-up Boot
My new trip is that I don't wear shoes—I'm either in flips flops or boots. So when the weather turns sour or there's a function where flips flops aren't acceptable, I'm gonna look for a cool pair of boots to show up in. Boots are rad because they make you taller and kinda make you feel like a bad ass. The Imua from Ocean Minded are made of full grain nubuck leather, have a cork insole, and a wool/felt lining. Comfy, cool, and kick ass—get these on the end of your pegs.—JC

Futures Fins Jordy Smith

Futures Fins Jordy Smith Signature Fin
I just got a new stick with Futures Fins boxes but don't have any fins for it. Modeled after Chris Coté's privates (wide base, thin tip) Jordy Smith's fin is built with state-of-the-art materials (you'll never see me using plastic fins) I know this is a great fin because the guy who designed it grew up in a surfboard factory and is one of the world's best surfers. As well, I like how Futures sink into your board and don't catch any kelp strands. But don't take my word for it, listen to Jordy talk about his new fin in the video above.—JC

Volcom Hooded Puff Puff Jacket
I know, it's doesn't really get cold enough around here for a duck down filled jacket, but there is the odd morning where the temps dip into the 40s here, so the need is there. The jacket also folds up into a travel pillow which makes it perfect for a weekend camping trip or big night out when you don't quite make it home.—JC

Electric Detroit XL
Electric's Trouble Andrew Detroit XL
Our friends from Electric came by the office today to show us all the new frames they had in the works, and after being told that I had a “Potato Shaped Head” I was steered towards these bad boys—the Detroit XL’s. After I regained composure from being insulted on my giant melon I tried on a pair of sunglasses that were as lethal in detail as they were in comfort. The shades were inspired by musician, artist and snowboarder Trouble Andrew and they go great with my new Movember mustache—which Electric supports, even if I have a potato head.—Jason Jackson