Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 11-14
Seven sick stocking stuffers for the surfer in your family

Oneill Epic Wetsuit
O'Neill Women's 4/3 Epic Fullsuit
Going along the lines of "Happy wife, happy life," and "The couple that surfs together, stays together," I've decided to get my wife a new wetsuit this winter. Like a lot of chicks out there, she's not so concerned with the latest wetsuit technology—she just wants to be able to easily get in and out of a wetsuit and stay warm for an hour. Honestly, it's the first time ever she doesn't want the most expensive thing on the menu. That's where the O'Neill Epic 4/3 comes in. With a back zip it's easy to get on and off, and with the 4/3 she'll be nice and toasty while catching a few waves this winter. Husband of the year? Hardly. But a new wetsuit is a step in the right direction…—Justin Coté
Around $165

Ocean Minded Aolani Slip On Boot
Ocean Minded Aolani Slip On Boot
While we're on the subject of spoiling the women in our lives, here's a great little gift for Mom—the Aolani slip on boot from Ocean Minded. A bit more stylish than an Ugg boot and much more durable, the Aolani will keep Mom nice and toasty while delivering the sports page to her favorite son every morning {insert mom joke here].—JC

Tryptych A Film By Michael Kew
Michael Kew is a long time contributor to TransWorld SURF and has explored this world far and wide surfing and documenting his journeys through countless articles for us, The Surfer's Journal, and in his own book, titled, Crossings. Kew's new film, Tryptych is a soulful piece of free flowing surf cinema that features "Eight surfers in three scapes of sublime exotica." With a unique cast of surfers that includes Ryan Burch, Craig Anderson, Daniel Jones, Brendon Gibbons, and Pat Millin just to name a few, this movie truly captures the essence of surf travel to distant shores both tropical and glacial. The soundtrack is another star in this film. Composed by Johnny McCann, the score is one 39-minute-long mind trip of swirling guitar layers that perfectly match the vibe of the film. Well done, Kew, Tryptych is more of an experience than surf movie.—Chris Coté

A&M Records 50th Anniversary Collection
I just heard an awesome interview of Herb Alpert on NPR this morning about the creation of A&M Records. A&M was started in a garage by two friends (one being Herb) who wanted to create a music label catered to musicians and allowed creativity to reign supreme. With a successful and eclectic early roster that included Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band, Sergio Mendes, Peter Frampton, The Carpenters, and Cat Stevens to name a few, the label grew and went on to find and sign some more amazing bands like The Human League, The Police, Squeeze, STYX, and so many more. Anyway, a few months back A&M released a 50th Anniversary mini-box set and it's awesome … I want it.—CC

Arnette Catfish
Arnette 20th Anniversary Catfish
I've had a lot of jobs in the surf industry. From worthless lay about surf shop employee to touring tent-boy to team manager—I've done it all. In the mid-90s I worked as jr. team manager for Arnette, and all day long, I'd sling Catfish sunglasses to team riders all over the world. 20 years ago, the Arnette Catfish was the SHIT! The coolest sunglasses that anyone wore in all action sports pretty much. I must have sent out million of these things to the Arnette team in colors ranging from bright white to silver to clear. Sunglass styles have changed a lot since then, but like most trends, things that were cool twenty years ago have a way of coming back … we'll see. For me, these glasses remind me of a great time in my life with no worries, so I'm glad Arnette has released them! I might just strap my chain wallet to my baggy Dickies shorts, listen to some Blink 182 in my Jetta and go do some chop hops!—CC

Splash Waterhousing By SPL
The Hawaiian surf season is here and for our "Wednesday Want" the photo staff is craving the new Splash housing by SPL Waterhousings. Sean at SPL has been making housings for the entire staff for well over ten years and his latest invention has everyone frothing. Made with a specially formulated urethane, the Splash is very tough and lightweight and can handle the pounding surf and greater depth. The housing can hold the Canon 7D, 5D Mark II, and 5D Mark III and has the option to add a flash for 580, 580 EX II, and 600 XT flashes. Other options include dual side grips for shooting video, detachable pistol grip, a pole option, and ports ranging from fisheye to 70-200 F4. SPL also offers a one-year warranty on material and workmanship of all housings.—Aaron Checkwood

Sector 9 Bolt Skateboard
Sector 9 Bolt Quad Complete
In a world of gimmicks, Sector 9 continues to rise above. They've been the original for a very long time and are the best, hands down! Being a Charger fan, of course I love this board! Now I'll be able to cruise down to the liquor store or check the surf in style and support my team (that unfortunately continues to let me down—thanks Norv and AJ!) at the same time. Mom and Dad, this board makes a perfect gift for the approaching Black Friday, go to your local shred shop and pick one up for the grom.—Matt Sims