Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-10
Seven ways to blow your paycheck on surf gear…
Quiksilver Syncro Mitt
Quiksilver Syncro 7mm 3-Finger Mitt
I just booked a ticket to go visit my in-laws in Gloucester, Massachusetts for Christmas and couldn't be more stoked. "A visit to the frozen tundra of Mass and a visit to your in-laws and you're stoked?" you ask? Oh hell yeah! I've been a few times for Xmas and seem to always get fun surf—albeit in 40-degree water. That's where the 3-fingered mitt from Quiksilver comes in. With the three digits, you're still able to put your leash on, wax up, and throw shakas. Warmer than traditional 5-fingered gloves and less clumsy than a lobster claw style mitt, I look forward to a marathon session at (undisclosed) on Christmas Day!—Justin Coté

BYB Surfboards
BYB Hyper Flex Model Step Up Surfboard
It's that time of year when you start thinking about a step up for those days when your 5'10" just won't cut it. And don't come at me with the "shorter is better" BS, I'll paddle past all of you as you dodge sets and beg for scraps. On bigger days, surfing isn't easy—don't make it harder by riding a board so short you can pick your nose with it. With decades of experience, BYB's Pat "Mully" Mulhern is an amazing shaper, I've gotten around 50 boards from him and 45 have been magic, that's a damn good ratio! With winter seeming to come early this year, now's a great time to step up and get some bombs!—JC
$Ask Surf Ride Solana Beach

Nike Legacy Boardshort
Nike Legacy Boardshort
With the water in SoCal still hovering close to 70-degrees, I haven't stopped living the summertime dream. And there's nothing that says, "summer ain't over yet" than trunking it for an hour in fall's crossed up peaks. And my go-to pair of trunks? The Nike Legacy in black. They're the perfect length, fit just right, and aren't too flashy (go to my brother Chris for the gaudy gear). Don't let go of summer just quite yet!—JC

Vice Dos And Donts
Vice DOs and DON’Ts: 10 Years of VICE Magazine’s Street Fashion Critiques
This book contains the funniest shit ever and is the inspiration behind my not-quite-as-funny Model Search captions. Fat people making out on barstools, fashionistas getting written off, and hipsters doing all the dumb shit they do are all targeted by the authors of Vice Magazine's book of DOs and DON'Ts. If you're into well-thought out burns (and the occasional naked fat Norwegian biker on acid) this coffee table book is for you and guaranteed to make you laugh so hard you'll spit out that cup of joe.—JC

Oneill Womens Fullsuit
O'Neill WMS Epic II 4/3mm
Like my buddy Raimana Van Bastolaer always says, "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" And what better way to keep the wifey happy than get her a new fullsuit? And you know the other phrase, "The Couple That Surfs Together, Stays Together" rings true as well. With those words of wisdom in my head, I'm gonna get the misses a new O'Neill wetsuit. And the best part is (for the first time ever) she doesn't want the most expensive thing on the menu.—JC

Hex Laptop Case
Hex Recon Laptop Bag
Recently I was walking through an airport and all of the sudden started feeling really self-conscious of my shitty old blown out laptop case. There are crumbs from a baguette in Tahiti and bits of God knows what lining the interior—full on red flag when traveling through customs stuff. Anyway, it's time to get a grown up laptop case and I think I've found the one I want from Hex. The "Recon" is just the right mix of business and pleasure, and more importantly, doesn't look like a man purse aka a "murse" like some of my co-workers have been known to carry.—JC

Vestal Heirloom Watch
Vestal Heirloom Watch
There are a ton of choices out there these days when it comes to watches, accessories, socks, hats and all other sorts of things to add little touches to your steeze. I say the cleaner the better. That said, keep it simple! This watch is perfect for that. Super clean and works with any occasion. Plus, it's water resistant, so before you go to work, or that wedding you're getting dragged into, you can catch a shred and be on time!—Matt Sims