OAM Mitch Coleborn Pad
Mitch Coleborn Pad
I like Mitch Coleborn. He's a good human. I like that he's a goofyfoot like me. I also like his sarcastic dry sense of humor. It probably sounds like I have a man crush on him, and so what if I do. Anyway, here's his new signature traction pad from On A Mission. It features "animal grip" and the packaging has Mitch's autograph on it, so consider it a collectors item you can actually use.--CC




Plus One Surfboards
Plus One
BTTF board
This is the Back To The Future board from Plus One Surfboards and it's a fantastic spring/summer surfboard. A few years ago I ordered a flat, 80s style, Occy inspired board from my friends down at Plus One and this is the board they came up with. It doesn't make me surf like Occy, but it allows me to flow through flat sections and go fast in shitty waves. Anyway, I've had three of these boards now and I love each one like a son. Get one, come back to the future with me.--CC
$Ask the shaper


MiraZyme Odor Eliminator
Booty funk is rocking my world. My car smells like its been used to smuggle dead lions across the country. My booties smell like rotted human corpses. The good news is, when I hang my booties by my front door, vampires don't come in anymore. But I can't live with the smell of a thousand dead fish, I am waging war against odor with McNett MiraZyme Odor Eliminator. This solution is made for taking the stench out of wetsuits, and it works! So come on in, vampires!--CC


North Face Tent
North Face Asylum Bivy
The North Face Asylum Bivy is the ultimate travel companion--a must have for anyone that spends time on the road. Whether camping in the jungle or posting up for a day (or night) on the beach; this compact, easy to use one man tent is always worth packing. Just ask Bivy backer Ben Bourgeois: “I’m pumped on my little bivy! It's the ultimate traveling tent--you can go anywhere with it. Its crazy; it folds up small into a pack that you can throw into your boardbag or backpack; and boom you’ve got a place to sleep! Ill definitely bring it with me everywhere I go. It sleeps one person with enough space above your head for a reading light and storage of a backpack--and it's completely waterproof and only requires two poles to set up. Too easy."--ZM


Creatures Of Leisure Boardbag
Creatures Of Leisure
Multi Case Board Bag
My current board bag has been great, but the zippers are about to break and it's feeling heavier than ever. What I've figured out is that unless you plan on walking around a city, wheels on a board bag aren't that necessary--they add extra weight for the airlines to bend you over with. COC has these slick board bags that fit up to four boards (without fins) and weighs just over 8lbs. so you're less apt to get reamed on overweight charges and your sleds will still be nice and safe inside the 10mm closed cell padding. And while there are no wheels, fret not, they've added a tough outer layer in the rear part of the bag so you can drag it around airports worldwide.--JC