Vampirate Surfboard By Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
5' 2″ Vampirate Gravedigger PowerLyte
Whatever Ozzie is selling, we're buying. Take this Vampirate Gravedigger nugget—it may or may not work for every surfer out there, but who really cares when it looks this damn cool. Speed and fun are two things Ozzie craves, so we want those two things, too. At 5'2, this board is ridable for the following surfers and their experience ranges. Expert: 165 – 180 LBS. Intermediate: 150 – 160 LBS. Novice: 145 LBS. and under. So maybe it is for every surfer just about, either way, we want one!

Sector 9 Gavin Beschen Pro Model
Sector 9
Gavin Beschen Pro Model
Skateboards are like surfboards—you can never have too many, and each one serves it purpose. The purpose for this Gavin Beschen Sector 9 whip is getting us down the street to check the waves, to the liquor store to get supplies, and from our house to our car (wherever we left it the night before). If your gonna cruise on a skateboard, get one with big wheels, a nice tail to hop over rocks and bumps, and if there has to be a name on the board, make it Gavin's, there's no better dude to cruise with.

Poler Stuff Napsack
Poler Stuff
The Napsack
Yeah, we're a little bit late to the party talking about this wearable sack of joy. So what, maybe we were actually napping in it and didn't want to wake up and write about shit. Anyway, "The Napsack" has zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out, and an cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out. That line was taken from the Poler Stuff website, but we found another great use for this wearable sack—use it to change in to your wetsuit! Confused? Think of this thing as a super warm cocoon of love you walk around in.

Vans Stage 4 Low
Stage 4 Low
Some of us still skate. You should still skate, too. If you like to skate and look cool while you do it, you should try a pair of these new Vans whips with a little something called "Wafflecup technology"—that's Vans' way of saying they've made a new shoe that has the first ever combo of vulcanized and cup sole while sticking with the waffle sole bottoms we all love. These shoes were created by skaters for skaters, but even if you don't skate you can appreciate good style—so there's not hatin' if you ain't skatin'.

Cut Denim Jacket
Thrills is a website/motorcycle/clothing company out of Oz and we think it's tits. This vest will add just the right amount of toughness to your existing wardrobe without trying too hard to look tough. There are no tech features on this simple black denim vest (unless you call the sleeves being removed tech). Anyway, it doesn't matter if you have a motorcycle or not, you can still wear this thing and feel pretty rad. Plus, it's from Australia so none of your friends will have it.
$100 (Aussie dollars)