If Tony Stark had a wetsuit, it might look like the WaveWrecker.

The wetsuit has fins and flotation devices installed throughout, giving bodyboarders extra power.

San Diego doctor Nick Gadler came up with the idea and launched the project on Kickstarter.

He hopes to raise $10,000, of which he has already raised $8,000. The campaign has two weeks left to go.

The fins on the arms, thighs and hips “bite” into the wave, which makes bodyboarding much easier and reduces the learning curve.

Gadler admits that the suit looks a bit ridiculous, although he told The San Diego Union Tribune that he thought the same thing about paddle-boarding and snowboarding until he tried them.


The WaveWrecker allows the wearer to body surf with better ability. Photo: Courtesy of WaveWrecker

One advantage to the wetsuit is that it increases buoyancy, which is good for kids learning to swim.

Gadler spent six years making more than 20 prototypes and securing four patents for the wetsuit.

The wetsuit is $399 for adults and $299 for children.

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