Tweedz braided earbuds stock photo red headphones

Tweedz headphones won’t tangle. Photo: Tweedz

Tweedz Braided Headphones are tangle-free earbuds and great for travelers.

The company modeled the earbuds after vintage guitar cables of touring musicians and wrapped the wires of all of their earbuds in 100 percent, semi-rigid, braided nylon.

Tweedz headphone wires are not only less likely to tangle but also more durable making them the perfect choice for travelers and those on the go — here’s why:

They really don’t tangle

Tweedz braided earbuds stock photo red headphones

Tweedz hopes to catch on with music enthusiast who are constantly on the move. Photo: Tweedz

For people who spend much of their lives in transit, the front pocket of backpacks and purses are where all chargers and headphones get stored, which leads wires often getting tangled. Pulling a pair of headphones from that pocket can be a laborious, painful process, but not with Tweedz.

After five days jostling around in our pockets, the earbuds remained untangled. And unlike more traditional earbuds, the wires retain their shaping well, even if you decide to tie them up around the phone or music player you’re listening to.

They look (and feel) great

Tweedz braided earbuds stock photo red headphones

Given their unique, bright color schemes, Tweedz aren’t likely to blend in with your other earbuds. Photo: Tweedz

One of the unique things about Tweedz is that none of their earbuds come in traditional colors.

Unlike, the stock earbuds that came with your iPhone in either white or black, all of Tweedz products come in bright colors with different accents. Some might find it weird to have a bright red wire dangling from them, but we loved the color.

Plus, they come with three different size earbud pieces, for a snug and comfortable fit for ears of all shapes and sizes. The headphones even passed our running test, staying firmly in place well after 20 minutes in action.

The sound is good (but not incredible)

Judging sound quality with earbuds can be tough.

When you downsize, you’re not going to get the same sound quality as with large, studio-quality headphones. With that in mind, Tweedz more than held their own.

The sound quality was very clear at lower volumes, and while there was a little distortion when the volume was pushed to its limits, they sounded as good or better than most any earbuds.

The gear: Tweedz red earbuds with yellow and black braided accent

The breakdown: The perfect earbuds for the active traveler who hates mess

The price: $35 per pair

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