Your little ripper will be stoked to charge the snowy hills on their favorite bike. Photo: Strider

Our 4-year-old has been absolutely addicted to his Strider bike since we introduced it to him a couple of years ago. He has to take it everywhere we go. From family visits to Grandma’s house, to the camping trip at the beach for the weekend, the Strider always has to be packed in the car.

But now that winter is in full effect, we’ve been getting our mountain snowboard trips on the calendar. And while we could probably talk our little guy into leaving the Strider at home for the trip up to Mammoth Mountain, why would we? The Strider Snow Skis ($35) attachment makes it possible for our tiny dude to jam his way through the white stuff, too.

Installation is oh-so simple. No tools required. Photo: Strider

Why we chose it

Strider is the only company we found that makes anything like this. So it was essentially a no-brainer. To be honest, we didn’t even know a product like this existed until a close friend mentioned it to us. Once we wrapped our heads around the concept and saw how simple (and inexpensive) the whole thing was, we couldn’t come up with a reason not to buy it.

Why we liked it

It was just so simple and easy to install. No tools required, just a few velcro straps and it was good to go. After introducing the setup to our little guy in the cabin, he couldn’t wait to get outside, find a good little hill and get after it.

Balancing uses the exact same physics as riding on the street, so he felt super comfortable right out of the gate. Equipped with some solid little snow boots, our grommet was digging his little feet into the snow and propelling himself down the tiny slope just as he had done a thousand times back home in the cul-de-sac. His skills crossed right over into the snow, and the possibilities of where we could explore the world via Strider bike had just opened up that much more.

Everything you need to get your kiddos flying down the hill. Photo: Strider

Tester tip

While these may seem like a novelty item to those who don’t live where it snows, we found that they were well-worth the modest price tag. Every run that our little dude took stoked his passion for simply being outside and moving fast. Just be sure that the straps are secured properly, ensuring that a technical malfunction won’t hinder their epic experience on the hill.

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