The whipper

The Whipper records stats from your climbing session so you can visually track your progress. Photo: Courtesy of The Whipper

In the rock climbing vernacular, a “whipper” is best to be avoided. But if you’re speaking in terms of smart fitness trackers, The Whipper may just be your next best investment.

The new kid on the block in a neighborhood populated by Fitbits, Jawbones and FuelBands, The Whipper is the first smart wearable fitness tracker made specifically for rock climbing. It’s a piece of clip-on technology that manages the stats of a climbing session to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

The whipper

The Whipper is a small and durable clip-on fitness tracker for the rock climbing set. Photo: Courtesy of The Whipper

It works like this: First you slide the small and durable device onto your climbing harness and turn it on, allowing it to sync with your smart phone using built-in Bluetooth (don’t even worry about charging it, the USB micro rechargeable battery was built to last). As you climb, the device will keep track of your vertical foot gain, incline, pace, effort level, altitude and more.

The whipper

The Whipper has a USB micro rechargable battery for power that lasts for days. Photo: Courtesy of The Whipper

Even if you don’t care to track your progress, The Whipper offers smart coaching — like supplemental workouts, information on avoiding injury and training modules — to help you improve your climbing. Other cool features include the option to find a belay partner, challenge your friends, or track the progress of your bouldering team.

So is the Whipper (which is launching via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on May 3) really worth it for the recreational climber? That’s a big “yes,” according to the Whipper’s co-founder Laura Kassovic.

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“This tracker isn’t just a sensor,” she explains. “The Whipper improves technique, climbing endurance and encourages you to meet up with friends and climb at the local gym more often.”

In short, it’s like a really experienced friend who will show you the ropes — only the Whipper is way less judgmental. The Whipper team is also donating $1 to the AccessFun for every 1000 feet climbed by the Whipper community (just in case you needed another reason to hit the gym).

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