Let me start off this review by stating for the record that I am not a cook. I understand that food is necessary for life, which makes cooking pretty integral to survival, and also understand the satisfaction that comes from crafting a perfectly cooked dish, but I’m just not into it.

Prepping our meal. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

That may have just changed, however, thanks to the Primus Tupike camp stove. I’m a sucker for aesthetics and right off the bat found myself drawn to the Tupike. So what if I couldn’t cook by “traditional” standards? I could feel my inner Julia Child beginning to blossom.

Setup for the Tupike was simple. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

After fiddling with the stove in my living room, I knew I was ready to become a culinary master. What better place to test my burgeoning (if imagined) cooking skills than a little camping by the beach? Sure, there was the possibility that I would get sand everywhere, be attacked by hungry seagulls or, worse, burn the food, but sometimes life is about taking risks.

Why I chose it: Although it is slightly on the pricier side (coming in at $270), the design and lightweight body of the Tupike camp stove made it worth the cost. The grill features a stainless steel body, oak laths and brass details, and weighs in at only 9 pounds. The included griddle is nonstick die-cast aluminum, making it durable and portable.

Why I liked it: Setting up the camp stove was simple – so easy, in fact, that I kept second-guessing myself. The dual-burner stove comes in a compact package, with legs that fold up into the body of the stove during travel. Once open, the burners can be flipped from travel mode to cook mode (with a serrated edge to grip pots and pans), and the built-in windscreens easily fold out.

Ready to cook. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

The Tupike also comes with an adapter kit to fit a variety of fuel tanks and works with propane, isobutane and butane. Connecting my propane tank was easy. After the initial lighting, the flame was ultra-responsive every time the stove was re-lit.

The Primus handled our main course and side like a champ. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

Tester Tip: The Tupike comes with a portable griddle as well, so if you’re like me and constantly forget key supplies like cookware, utensils and cloths (I told you I’m not a chef), this is especially convenient.

For such a small flame, the Tupike puts out a lot of heat. We sautéed our broccoli in about five minutes and a salmon fillet in even less time. Everything was cooked perfectly.

Packing up the Primus Tupike custom carry bag was a breeze. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

Stove cleanup was easy as well; stainless steel drip trays make wiping down the stove a breeze, and once everything was cooled off, we placed the Tupike back in its carrier bag, along with all of its accessories.

The finished product, made possible by our Primus camp stove. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

Bottom line: The Tupike stove turned this self-professed non-cook into a burgeoning gourmet camp chef. And that’s something you can’t put a price on.

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