Car camping, #vanlife and living on the open road have all exploded in popularity over the last few years.

If you’re intrigued by the trend but don’t know if you’d like to fully commit, we’ve got the solution for you: Tepui Tents.

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What started as an alternative way of living in Venezuela for the brand’s founders has morphed into a niche lifestyle that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life.

We recently went on a trip with Tepui Tents to the Lost Coast, an idyllic, off-the-beaten-path campground on the northern coast of California. The trip featured varied terrain, from ocean waves to wildflower-laden fields.

We tested the Baja Series: Kukenam Tent with the Ultralight Canopy for three days and two nights. This is what we thought:

Why we chose them

The Kukenam Baja tent kept us cool and covered all night. Photo: Tepui

Car camping is the perfect medium for those craving extra time in the outdoors: The structures provide the freedom that comes with vanlife, but in a less permanent package.

It’s an affordable way to hit the road; plus, you can fit more gear in your vehicle when your tent is on top of it.

Why we liked them

The view from our Kukenam tent. Photo: Hayley Helms

The setup was unbelievably easy. The comfort and expansive views that come from being off the ground were just the cherries on top.

Being up high means protection from the elements, the wet ground and the creepy crawlers of the night. What more do we need to say?

Tepui Tents sure know how to construct a sturdy dwelling that doesn’t take up much space: The tent packs flat on the roof of your vehicle, and when you want to set up camp, it pops up in two minutes.

The Kukenam has sleeping capacity for three, but Tepui offers a wide selection of tent sizes, ranging from two to four campers. With features that include a padded floor, a detachable rain flap, a mesh shade canopy for sweltering weather and more, the tent has everything you need for quick shelter in one convenient package.

Tester tip

If you are in a reliably dry area (example: the desert), we recommend going without the rain fly. The mesh rooftop will make you feel like you’re sleeping among the stars, not just underneath them.

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