Tavik’s first camera bag makes travel photography a breeze

The Daley is sleek, smart and organized — even if you don't feel that way.

tavik daley camera bag

Tavik’s Daley Camera Bag makes travel photography (well, at least packing for it) easy. Photo: Courtesy of Tavik

In the jumble of sleek businessmen and sweaty, stressed-out families shuffling through airport security, my husband and I look a hot mess.

We’ve been pulled out of line yet again, forced to unpack our overloaded bags and prove that tangle of metal at the bottom is intended for rock climbing and not something seedier. Our cameras (three in total -- four if you count the GoPro) are swinging from every available strap -- and for a couple who loves travel photography so much, it’s embarrassing how unprepared we look.

Time for a change.

tavik daley camera bag

Tavik’s Daley Travel Bag is pretty slick for such a tech piece. Photo: Courtesy of Tavik

Enter Tavik’s Daley Camera Backpack -- the first camera pack from their debut line of backpacks and a no-brainer for anyone with a DSLR looking for a starter bag.

Retailing for $149.95, the Daley has plush shoulder straps and a sleek and stylish all-black design -- a smart, sartorial look that disguises its truly techy features. First there’s the camera stuff: a removable padded tray for your camera body and lenses with a waterproof zipper, Velcro dividers so you can customize the size of the compartments and a waterproof memory-card holder.

tavik daley camera bag

A removable padded tray includes adjustable Velcro dividers so you can create a custom fit for your lenses and camera body. Photo: Courtesy of Tavik

On the side of the bag, there’s a zippered laptop pocket padded with micro-suede that you can access without shuffling through all your other equipment. There are also straps and pockets for every accessory we can think of: a microfiber stash pocket for your iPhone, a tripod loop and even an expandable water-bottle pocket. With drainage.

And a bottom pocket with a rain cover (we almost forgot). See? They thought of everything.

What we really love is how solid yet lightweight the bag is. It’s not small, coming in at 20.5 inches tall and 13 inches wide, but it weighs less than 4 pounds. Which makes our trip through security much easier -- and a whole lot more stylish.

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