SUP Wheels

Such a simple solution. Photo: Courtesy of SUP Wheels

It’s an all-too-familiar story with summertime SUP excursions: crowded parking lots, having to park six blocks from the water and stopping every five minutes because your finger tips are burning from carrying your massive SUP.

SUPs are tough to carry. Some can weigh as much as a punching bag, can be far too wide to wrap your arm around and the built-in handles are rarely comfy enough to accommodate a walk longer than a few dozen yards.

You can either choose uncrowded locations where parking far away isn’t an issue, or you can invest in the SUP Wheels Evolution model ($169).

My family and I recently enjoyed a long weekend camping at Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu, CA. The campgrounds are amazing and the little right-hander that breaks directly off of an offshore rock is about as fun as it gets.

However, with a bleak swell forecast on the horizon, we decided to pack our 10′ 6″ Stamps SUP, just to be sure we had something to do if waves weren’t going to show up.

The entrance to the campgrounds themselves is a very short walk to the sand, however, our specific campsite was a bit further back, and turned out to be a good 10-15 minute walk. Now, with two small kids in tow, wetsuits, towels, sand toys, snacks, a 9’0 longboard (just in case), as well as our SUP … there was little-to-no arm room left between my wife and me.

SUP Wheels

Just load it up and you’re good to go. Photo: Courtesy of SUP Wheels

Enter SUP Wheels. This was my first experience with them, and I must say that there are few times I have been more stoked to have packed something for a beach day. I assembled the SUP Wheels in minutes, loaded our SUP, stacked all sorts of gear on top and headed to the beach.

It was as simple as anything I’ve ever assembled and as pleasant as pulling a wagon. My wife now had two free arms for the kids and we all had smiles on our faces. Brilliant.

There are two types of SUP Wheels available: The Classic Model (for walking) and the Evolution Model (for biking or walking). The Evolution Model includes a super simple strap that connects to the seat of virtually any bike, allowing it to be towed as you ride.

This is a brilliant feature if you live close enough to the beach to bike – or if you have to park far enough away from the beach to justify packing your bike for your day’s SUP excursion.

The bike seat strap is just so easy to install. Photo: Courtesy of SUP Wheels

The bike seat strap is just so easy to install. Photo: Courtesy of SUP Wheels

“Like you, we absolutely love standup paddleboarding, but getting that board to and from the water can be a real chore. After years of development we have designed a high quality carrier so that you can walk and or bike your board to the water with ease,” states SUP Wheels.

SUP Wheels

Just like that, you’re off to the water. Photo: Courtesy of SUP Wheels

SUP Wheels are just so simple (in the best possible way). There’s no hardware involved, they carry virtually any length of board (up to 14 feet for bike), they support most of the weight of the board (making the carrying process almost zero-effort), they’re lightweight and easy to pack and they even float (meaning you can take them onboard with you rather than leave them on the beach).

SUP Wheels are a win all around, and I will certainly be packing them every time our SUP comes with us on a beach day.

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