ourCaste's Fold & Seal technology. A thing of beauty. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

ourCaste’s Fold & Seal technology. A thing of beauty. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

There aren’t many things better than a surf before work. Getting up before the sun, you pull up to the sand and can barely see the lineup while paddling out with only a couple of other hardcore dawn-patrollers along side.

It really makes the entire rest of the day better. I highly recommend it as often as you can swing it.

Then, you toss your board and wetsuit in the car and head to work. Eight hours later, you hop back into your car for the commute home and … your car stinks to high heaven. The stench of warm mildew mixed with neoprene, a slight hint of Sticky Bumps surf wax.

For situations like this, the Lewis Waterproof Duffel ($89) from ourCaste was the bag I’d been looking for. Just throw your wet gear in, roll it up (with ourCaste’s “Fold & Seal technology”) and seal it closed. Waterproof and stinkproof. My car now smells as good as ever after a long, warm summer day parked in the sun with my wet beach gear stewing. It’s a thing of beauty, really.

And wet surf gear isn’t the only stuff you should use this bag for. Toss in camping gear for the long haul up the trail, workout gear for a midday sweat, or even heaps of sand toys for the grommets to enjoy. This bag is capable of handling filthy hardware, as well as delicate software (e.g. clean clothes for a vacation to wine country).

It'll keep all your valubales sfae and secure ... and dry. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

It’ll keep all your stuff safe and secure … and dry. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

“The Lewis is a part of our first bag offering, designed with a utilitarian purpose and modern aesthetic,” says ourCaste. “This completely waterproof duffel bag utilizes Fold & Seal technology with Radio frequency seam welding. Easy-to-grab handles make this easy to carry regardless of how much you stuff in it. We integrated a small, separate, front compartment for a media player or other miscellaneous quick-to-get items.”

A quality duffel bag can be easily overlooked. Given that it’s the one thing keeping all of your belongings organized and safe from the elements of travel, it should certainly garner more credit. And I had yet to find a bag that deserved my praise, until I got my hands on the Lewis.

You can literally take this bag anywhere and it’ll keep your valuables secure and dry. And it looks really nice. It looks like a classic duffel, but with bit more of a rugged demeanor. As stated above, it has a separate front compartment for smaller items, and a more-than-adequately-sized main compartment for all your hardcore gear. Everything you need.

This bag can be used for any/all sports, travel, day trips and stinky wetsuit storage. The keyword here is “versatile.” It’s the perfect addition to your summer luggage quiver.

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