The Brutus boardshorts from OurCaste, combining forward fashion with fast drying properties. Photo: Ourcaste

The Brutus boardshorts from ourCaste, combining forward fashion with fast drying properties. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

The smell of a wet wetsuit and boardshorts can kill.

Seriously. Consumer reports show that wetsuit stench is responsible for the deaths of dozens of Americans every year. Putrid rubber in cars and dry bags, with a hint of stale urine, causing toxic odors … it’s the silent killer. And hanging in bathrooms, wet surf gear stench causes thousands of divorces and breakups annually. The numbers are staggering.

Why would you want a wet, stinky pair of boardshorts hanging around during the humid days of summer? Given the choice, you’d always choose a nice, dry pair of trunks. Wouldn’t ya?

Keeping that in mind, ourCaste developed the Brutus, a moisture-wicking, all-purpose boardie, using a Dry Tech woven fabric that simply allows boardshorts to dry faster (much faster), whether hanging on the line or hanging on your hips. That means less moisture … and less stink.

A fairly young company, ourCaste is breaking into the action sports market, based on the love of surfing, skating and motorcycles. But they’ve got the direction of Michael Tomson, the South African pro surfer from the ’70s who became one of the sport’s most lasting visionaries, creating Gotcha (which put surf apparel and marketing on a new path in the ’80s and ’90s). His influence has always played a major role in design and whatever brand he’s involved with.

The Brutus has has a shorter outseam, inline with 2016 style. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

The Brutus has has a shorter outseam, inline with 2016 style. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

Now, to the fit. While ourCaste states they, “aren't here to exclude,” it’s a pretty fashion forward guy who’s going to be able to rock ourCaste, as outseams are short across the whole line. The above-the-knee fit is very West Coast, reminiscent of the hip huggers MT wore to charm those Pipe bombs and women back in the ’70s. But this is a brand that understands the trend.

One fairly genius addition to the Brutus is the elastic cord key loop. Just because you’re in trunks doesn’t mean you don’t have a carabiner of keys to hang. Very well thought out. And the front and rear-seam zippered pockets make them more versatile than a straight boardie. And they dry fast! The life you save could be your own.

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