ourCaste Roark Outfitter

The Roark x ourCaste “Outfitter” is “built for land, but at home in the water.” Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

Roark and ourCaste, two seeming competitors in the men’s outdoor lifestyle sphere, have teamed up to release the “Outfitter” short. “Built for land, but at home in the sea,” the shorts combine Roark’s sophisticated design with ourCaste’s technical detail.

The four-way stretch fabric allows for free movement on pavement or on a board. The army-green colorway complemented by asymmetrical back pockets and a detailed drawstring makes for a short that looks nice enough to wear to dinner despite its secret prowess for performance.

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What has us most excited is the waterproof zipper protecting an internal pullout bladder pocket, designed to protect your cell phone and other valuables from sweat, storms or spills.

ourCaste Roark Outfitter

The pocket contains a waterproof bladder to protect your phone from the elements. Photo: Courtesy of ourCaste

“We’re excited to show how much respect and synergy exists among likeminded brands in this industry,” says ourCaste co-founder Mike Quinones.

In a time when outdoor brands are continuously pushing the limits of what our gear can do for us, a little collaboration can only push those limits farther.

The Roark x ourCaste “Outfitter” ($72) is available from Roark, ourCaste and select premium retailers.

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