Due to RED’s sterling reputation in the camera game, many people now spend over $50,000 for what’s become the industry standard in camera technology. Now, imagine if you could get your hands on a RED camera that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

Starting at $1,295, that’s exactly what you’re getting with the new RED HYDROGEN One smartphone.

Wrapped in titanium and aluminum, each with durable carbon fiber and intuitive, functional RED designed sides and controls.

Whether you’re in the mountains, at the beach, or venturing though the city, bringing a RED HYDROGEN One smartphone with you will give you incredible, high-quality images through its RED HYDROGEN One Holographic 4-View (H4V) capture and 4-View Lightfield Display (which produces a 3D-like effect on certain screens, without requiring glasses).

A pocket-sized version of a RED camera? Yes, please.

The camera’s multi-dimensional capabilities are best viewed through the RED HYDROGEN One Holographic 4-View (H4V). However, standard 2-dimensional screens can still display its stellar depth-of-field capabilities. Once you choose your subject, this technology recognizes the objects within that plane of available focus (no matter how noisy or cluttered the scene may be). This means that everything you want in focus will remain sharp, while foreground and background objects will be beautifully blurred out. Technically, the HYDROGEN One simulates what traditional DSLR lenses are designed to do, in a way that many smartphones cannot.

Take the ladybug in the photo below. It’s about 4-inches away from the lenses of the glasses, but because this feature only focuses in on the object of the photographer’s choosing, it separates that subject (even one as tiny as a ladybug) from the noise of the background. This is something that’s unique to fast DSLR camera lenses, but now comes in a package that can fit in your pocket.

On the H4V screen, this photo would be multi-dimensional. Meaning, the arm and ladybug would essentially pop out of the screen, and would be viewed from all angles … without glasses.

And the same goes for shooting video, although with an added (and unexpected) feature: A3D Multi Dimensional Surround Sound. The HYDROGEN One comes equipped with this expansive, spatial, and immersive surround sound system that works with or without headphones.

RED’s iconic logo imprinted a few inches below the lens.

Finger grooves on each side make the HYDROGEN One look much more like a camera with phone capabilities, rather than the other way around.

It goes without saying that the RED HYDROGEN One might take your photos and your video clips up a few notches. That probaby explains why it’s already been adopted by the likes of videographer Ty Evans, pro skater Eric Koston, and pro surfers Sage Erickson and Jordy Smith , as well as plenty of other adventure sports athletes.

Check out RED’s website for retailers near you to purchase the HYDROGEN One.

All Photos Courtesy of RED.

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