GoPro Session

GoPro’s Hero4 Session came out this year and Polaroid is alleging the camera infringes on their patent for the Cube. Photo: GoPro

Polaroid is suing GoPro because the company alleges GoPro has infringed on Polaroid's patent for a tiny cube shaped camera.

Both companies have recently come out with cube shaped recorders, GoPro with the Hero4 Session and Polaroid with the Cube HD Action Camera.

Polaroid beat GoPro by months, launching the Cube in 2014.

Polaroid Cube

Polaroid’s Cube is about the size of an ice cube. Photo: Polaroid

Polaroid has had the patent for the cube shaped camera, which is slightly smaller than the Session, since May.

According to BBC, GoPro executives said they had been working on the camera long before Polaroid secured the patent.

“In addition to developing the Hero 4 Session long before a competitor announced its product or filed for a patent, the Hero 4 does not infringe the competitor’s patent because its overall design is not similar and does not include the specific features that are required by the competitor’s patent,” GoPro said in a statement to BBC.

C&A Marketing, which produces the Polaroid cameras disagrees and said in a statement the two cameras are very similar.

“It has rounded edges, a slightly recessed lens and a single button on top – all important design elements, all used as well by GoPro for its Hero 4 Session,” C&A Marketing said in a statement to BBC.

C&A asked the U.S. District Court in Newark, N.J. to halt the sales of the GoPro Session. The suit also asks for all of GoPro's profits from the Session and for an undisclosed amount of money.

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