Pik'd is a new hardware and software tool that automatically finds the highlights of your GoPro footage. Instead of trawling through hours of b-roll to get to the gold, the tech does it all for you.

The highlight-identifying technology is based around a lightweight device that attaches to the back of your GoPro. This collects a range of precise motion data whenever the camera is on. Then, when you download the footage, the software syncs your video with the motion data.

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Algorithms in the software then determine what's a highlight in your video and what's not. You can then upload the clips immediately.

For surfing, for example, all waves, wipeouts and turns are immediately recognized, rather than you paddling back out. Effectively, the device and software do all the boring nuts-and-bolts editing for you.

For skiing, Pik'd claims to be able to distinguish between skiing down a green run and a doing a double cork off a jump. In addition to surfing and skiing, the company has collected thousands of hours of motion data from several other action sports, such as snowboarding, downhill mountain biking and motocross.

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The lightweight device clips on to your GoPro camera. Photo by Pik'd

The lightweight device clips onto your GoPro camera. Photo: Courtesy of Pik’d

"It takes only 10 seconds and three clicks from connecting your GoPro to sharing your footage," Pik'd co-CEO Clemens Haaser told GrindTV. "That's why we call it a brain for your GoPro. There's no off or on button; you don't have to do anything."

Pik'd will hit markets soon with a retail price of $99.

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