Patagonia Responds to Climber Demand with New Rock Climbing Apparel

These are way more durable than yoga pants.

Afters years of witnessing climbers opt for yoga pants and boardshorts in the climbing gym and on temperate days, Patagonia is expanding its line of climbing apparel to include the Fina Rock Crops and Hampi Rock Pants for women, and the Terrabonne Shorts for men.

While Patagonia has been including its women's Centered Tights ($79) and Crops ($69) under the climbing apparel section of its website for a while, the leggings were originally designed for yoga (you'll also find them under the Activewear and Yoga tab of the site).

Constructed from a soft and stretchy spandex jersey blend that happens to accommodate a climber's need for maximum flexibility and foot visibility, the brand's existing legging offerings weren't intended to stand up to the abrasion and elements required of lasting climbing apparel.

Patagonia is answering the calls of its climbers with the Fina Rock Crops. Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

Enter the Fina Rock Crops ($89). They look like common yoga tights, but closer inspection reveals some key differences that will make a world of difference for climbers.

Constructed from a nylon/polyester/spandex blend, the crops feel sturdier and slicker than a jersey knit and were specifically designed to stand up to abrasion while offering the flexibility that has lead many climbers to opt for yoga tights.

The Fina Rock Crops are a climber’s perfect solution. Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

The fabric was engineered with directional wicking capabilities, features a hydrophilic interior that pulls sweat away from the body and a hydrophobic exterior that keeps moisture in the atmosphere and not on the climber's skin.

Additional features on the Fina Rock Crop include a soft waistband with lay-flat drawstring designed to feel unnoticeable under a harness, and phone-friendly non-closured side pockets situated comfortably between the knee and the harness leg loops.

Patagonia's other new offering for female climbers is the Hampi Rock Pant ($79), featuring the trendy silhouette of a jogger with souped-up functionality that holds it own on any warm weather send.

The Hampi Rock Pant is yet another offering to the climbing world from Patagonia. Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

Constructed from a lightweight yet durable hemp/recycled polyester/spandex blend, the Hampi pants feature a super soft waistband with lay-flat drawstring, an articulated pattern to facilitate the full range of climbing maneuvers, and half-elasticized ankle cuffs that keep feet visible and allow for conversion into a cropped leg for more ventilation.

While you may not observe as many male climbers in yoga tights, it's not uncommon to see dudes buck the traditional climbing pant offerings for a pair of trusty boardshorts on a hot day. In an effort to meet these climbers' needs with a short that can perform as well under a harness as it can on the beach (or trail, or field), Patagonia is adding the Terrabonne Short ($65) to its arsenal of men's climbing apparel – the first climbing-specific short for the brand.

Patagonia didn’t forget about the dudes this season with the Terrabonne Short. Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

Crafted from 100-percent recycled polyester stretch ripstop with a durable water repellent finish and a polyester/spandex drawcord waistband, the Terrabonne Shorts have a 10-inch inseam, two drop-in hand pockets and a zippered back pocket that the shorts can be folded into for compressed packing when pack space is at a premium.

Patagonia's Spring 2018 climbing apparel lineup includes the basic updates on tried-and-true pieces you'd expect, but the brand is truly pushing the category and responding to consumer trends with climb-specific tights and joggers for women, and shorts for men.

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