Photo: Savannah Cummins/The North Face

We recently spent a week with The North Face in Joshua Tree National Park for a camping, hiking and climbing endeavor. We alternated between testing our own limits on the boulders that stretched endlessly around us, to sitting back and watching the masters do what they do.

Photo: Taylor Boyd

If you’re curious about what to pack for a climbing trip (besides snacks and copious amounts of water), we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need for a climbing and camping excursion.

Ultra FastPack III GTX Hiking Shoes ($150)

Photo: Savannah Cummins/The North Face

You want to get off the beaten path and onto iconic pitches in the park? You’re going to have to work for it. Pack a pair of hiking shoes that are lightweight, breathable, and feature a grippy, heavy-duty sole.

We really liked The North Face’s Ultra FastPack III GTX (men’s and women’s) for a day of hiking out into the desert backcountry.

Women’s Beyond The Wall Backless Tank ($60)

Photo: Taylor Boyd

Breathability is key in the desert. That’s why The North Face’s Backless tank, which features mesh back panels and is made from a breathable fabric, is the ideal choice for your next climbing adventure.

Made from TENCEL, polyester and Lycra, this tank is oh-so soft to the touch, breathable, and lightweight.

Men’s Beyond the Wall Rock Shorts ($70)

Photo: Savannah Cummins/The North Face

When hauling yourself up the face of a gigantic boulder, it’s key to have shorts that move with you. The difference between a successful climb and otherwise could come down to stretch and breathability.

The North Face knows a thing or two about climbing, and designed their Beyond the Wall shorts to accommodate everyone from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

Women’s Packable Panama Hat ($42)

Photo: Savannah Cummins/The North Face

Bringing a hat to Joshua Tree is just an obvious “must” on the packing list.

You’ll be spending hours in the sun, so to avoid exhaustion and sunburn, bring a lightweight, wide-brimmed hat to keep you as protected as possible. The Packable Panama hat came in clutch on our trip – it packs down easily when you don’t want it, and maintains its shape for when you do.

Women’s Perfect Core High Rise Tights ($99)

Photo: Savannah Cummins/The North Face

If you’re just getting into climbing, you want to go with a pant that can do it all: protect your legs from the inevitable scrapes and bruises the rock will leave, move with you as you hike to those rocks, and keep you warm as the sun moves in and out of the passing clouds.

These TNF tights aren’t specifically meant for climbing, but they’ll hold their own no problem. We climbed in them for two days and didn’t get a single snag or tear.

Women’s Beyond the Wall Free Motion Bra ($75)

Photo: Taylor Boyd

The North Face debuted a climbing bra this year that blew all of the competition out of the water. With an innovative, ergonomic shape and supreme comfort levels, the climbing bra supported us in every movement we made.

Mountain Sweatshirt Half Zip ($120)

Photo: Taylor Boyd

Remember, it’s the high desert: Temps can shift on a dime. You’ll want to bring breathable options, of course, but you’ll also want something warmer for when the winds pick up, or when the sun goes down.

TNF is known for their quality outerwear and layers, and they make plenty of options that work in the desert. The Mountain Sweatshirt Half Zip (available in both men’s and women’s) was the ideal layering piece for temperate days and chilly nights; the insulation trapped hot air close to the body and kept us cozy and warm.

Photo: Savannah Cummins/The North Face

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