While for some people, exercising means heading to the gym and pumping iron or running on a treadmill, for others, the sensation of being cooped up is too much to handle, and they need to get their fitness fix in the fresh air.

Those dedicated to sweating it out in the sunshine understand that in order to optimize your efforts outside, vision is key. You need to be able to see each bump or divot in the grass while you run drills, each stadium step as you conquer the stairs.

In order to facilitate all the different outdoor activities that can be incorporated into cross-training, Oakley’s Prizm lenses were designed for a variety of light levels and conditions.

“For outdoor fitness, in all of our Prizm lenses, you're going to get added detail through contrast,” Wayne Chumbley, a research and development engineer at Oakley, says of the technology.

“All these Prizm lenses will bring that depth perception out. With agility drills where you need to be precise with your feet, detail is critical, and that depth perception's critical. Prizm will aid in that. It's a tool.”

Oakley's Prizm line of lenses offer different coloration for different activities — fly-fishing, road cycling and more — but each of them can be used to bring better clarity to outdoor training environments. Photo: Courtesy of Oakley

Oakley’s Prizm line is customized for different activities — fly-fishing, road cycling, etc. — but each of them can be used to bring better awareness of outdoor training environments. Photo: Courtesy of Oakley

Pro triathlete Jenny Fletcher agrees with the necessity for greater clarity when outdoors.

“If I don’t have my sunglasses on, it’s amazing [how] at the end of the day, I’m like, ‘Why am I so tight?'” says Fletcher about the need for proper lenses.

“It’s because I’ve been fighting, without even realizing it, against the terrain.”

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