Nixon Mission

Yesterday, Nixon announced the launch of the Mission smartwatch. Photo: Courtesy of Nixon

Nixon just announced they are launching the first-ever smartwatch built for outdoor sports.

The touchscreen smartwatch is water- and shock-proof, so it can withstand a thrashing without getting damaged or broken.

The technology is compatible with Android software and integrates applications like Surfline and Snocountry, making surf and snow conditions available on your wrist.

There is an activity tracker that was made with Trace, which monitors the surf activity of a session, like length of ride, takeoff point and calories burned. It also works for monitoring stats for skiing and snowboarding.

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Nixon Mission

The Mission’s interface can be customized to show local conditions or a more traditional time interface. Photo: Courtesy of Nixon

Surfers, snowboarders and skiers can check their real-time activity while they’re out in the water or on the mountain (or surf-skiing a giant wave).

Tyson White, vice president of product at Nixon, said there aren’t many options when it comes to smartwatches for action sports.

“With current products splash-proof at best, we knew we had to create a smartwatch that could survive the surf or the first ride down the mountain,” he said in a press release. “We developed the watch in tandem with our world-class surf and snow athletes who lead demanding, rigorous lifestyles.”

The watch will be available in October and will retail for about $400, according to Mashable.

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