Primus Onja

Dine in the most tranquil restaurant in the world: Mother Nature’s backyard. Photo: Primus Onja

As camp stoves go, Primus’ Onja is in a class all its own.

The latest addition to the brand’s new CampFire range, Onja is equipped with two burners and has a unique Scandinavian briefcase design unlike any other camp stove. It's smart use of stainless steal, oak and leather recasts and elevates the idea of what outdoor cooking is about.

Simple to assemble and pack away, the stove is powered by canister gas. Once unfolded, the body becomes a stable cooking unit that also protects the burners from the wind. Its oak lid doubles as a cutting board, or a platter to serve food on.

Adhering to the Swedish Environmental Research Institute (ILS) methods, this portable campfire stove also achieves the lowest environmental impact possible — meaning that when it's all cooked out, it can be deconstructed and recycled.

So if taking a turn through the countryside is your idea of escaping the day-to-day, don't limit yourself to what's in the picnic basket — cooking with fire is where the fun’s at.

Look for the Onja in spring 2016.

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