There’s something about a classic style that just works, no matter what century you happen to live. Dating as far back as the 1720s, the peacoat is one of those timeless looks that doesn’t seem to be losing any popularity any time soon.

Countless brands have produced their take on the classic coat, and many of them are quite superb, however, one company has just introduced one that we found particularly pleasing.

Style for days, without compromising function one bit. Photo: Courtesy of Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop has recently released their Bridgeman Peacoat ($650), built in Los Angeles, and “built to endure.”

Why We Chose It

We’d experienced Mission Workshop’s unparalleled craftsmanship before, and when we got wind that Mission Workshop had launched their take on one of the most iconic jackets of all time, we just had to give this thing a try. It doesn’t hurt that this coat looks as good as it functions.

Mission Workshop also guarantees this coat forever, and the brand states that the Bridgeman is “the most advanced peacoat ever made.” How could we go wrong?

Such a classic, clean look. Photo: Courtesy of Mission Workshop

Why We Liked It

We’d used peacoats in the past in frigid cold temperatures, and none of them felt as movable and breathable as the Bridgeman … without compromising one bit of warmth. With its oh-so comfy four-way stretch, windproof and water resistant material (40 percent polyester, 33 percent wool, 16 percent nylon, 7 percent elastane), the Bridgeman had a very unique feel (in a very awesome way).

While spending time in Mammoth Mountain during a light snow storm, this peacoat kept us perfectly comfortable as the snowflakes fell. We also appreciated that it didn’t require us to layer up underneath the coat. A light shirt and the Bridgeman were all we needed at night when the temps were hovering around 20-degrees Fahrenheit.

Perfect for wherever you find yourself on your travels. Photo: Courtesy of Mission Workshop

Tester Tip

We took this coat from sub-freezing temps in the mountains, to the mildly chilly weather on the Southern California coast … seamlessly. From slopeside with the kids, to date night overlooking the ocean, the Bridgeman lived up to the hype. You’ll likely only need this coat, and this coat alone, to get you through the cooler months of the year.

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