Let’s have an honest moment: An outdoorsy guy is happiest when he’s at his dirtiest. Grime, sweat, and even blood are of no concern when an epic wall has been scaled, a deep crevice has been dropped in on, or better yet, a near-death experience has been survived. But glory and stories aside—you stink, and your lady friend isn’t going to let you in the tent unless you do something about it.

male grooming

Male Grooming Wisdom 101: If you smell like a bear, your woman will be less likely to approach you. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

So let’s do something about it! In recent months, we've made note of more than a few grooming items that will solve your close quarters conundrum, and help you get back into that tent. In addition to making you smell better, these toiletries will protect your skin, hair, and body from nature’s harsh elements.

In the interest of remaining eco-friendly and all-natural, these outdoor-scented recommendations were thoughtfully chosen. Here are a few of our favorites.

Male grooming

Male grooming essentials: Hudsalve; photo courtesy of Best Made Co.

For his face: A man’s face takes the brunt of the elements, so it’s a good idea to protect it. If the weather is cold and dry, something like Mayron’s Goods Chapstuff or Hudsalve will do the trick. Designed for the Swedish military, Hudsalve offers skin protection for the lips, face, and anything else he chooses to smear it on. If you live in a hot climate, we suggest Prospector Co.’s All-Purpose Dirt. Its main ingredient is French Yellow Clay, which absorbs oil and acts as a detoxifier.

For men with beards, we recommend a grooming product called beard oil. Portland General Store makes Tobacco Beard Oil. When things start to get wild, the jojoba, hempseed, and marula oils moisturize and tame his unruly whiskers. Oh, and it smells good.

Male grooming essentials

Male grooming essentials: Hunting Camp soap; photo courtesy of Portland General Store

For his body: Three essentials come to mind to keep an outdoorsy man clean and smelling good. First, a well-scented bar of soap for the shower or stream (we like Sasquatch Soap Co. pine tar or this Hunting Camp deep exfoliating soap). Second, a vetiver- and cedarwood-scented natural deodorant spray to keep the smell of a day’s work at bay. And third, Alder’s juniper, clary sage, or bergamot natural hair powder to doctor things up in a pinch. You can’t really go wrong with any of these, and we can’t think of one to omit—so it’s settled.

male grooming essentials

Male grooming essentials: Apothecary dopp kit; photo courtesy of Mayron’s Goods

For his kit: Choose a dopp kit made of durable canvas like this Apothecary dopp kit, lined with water resistant PEVA for easy cleanup. Into it stuff a little bottle filled with cotton fiber compressed towel tablets that only need a bit of water to grow into their dish-towel size. Also tuck in a Baxter of California three-and-a-quarter inch beard comb.

male grooming

Male grooming essentials: Alder natural hair powder; photo courtesy of Alder New York

Just because: We know that sometimes cracks, blisters, and cuts appear, and it’s on these occasions the soothing ingredients of Mayron’s Goods Ouch Stuff and Lip Stuff (cocoa butter, shea, beeswax, and calendula) will become a welcomed solace.

Now hit the shower! And prepare yourself for an onslaught of approving kisses.

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